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If you are looking for the last documentation in the 4.x series, see 4.7.5. Looking for another version? See all documentation.

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On the right side of each page is a list of actions that can be performed for the resource at the current path.

These may include:

Create New Child Resource

From the homepage or any container page a form exists that lets you create a new container or binary that will be the child of the current container.

Download/Update Content

When viewing a NonRdfSourceDescription with binary content, click the large green button to download that content. You can also update the description of the binary using the form.

Update Properties

When viewing a resource, you can add or delete properties using the "Update Properties" form.

Delete Resource

You can delete the resource you are currently viewing by clicking the red "Delete" button.


When viewing a resource, you can export it using the "Export as..." button. In the case of containers, you can also import a resource using the "Import" form.



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