If you are looking for the last documentation in the 4.x series, see 4.7.5. Looking for another version? See all documentation.

When viewing a resource, you can export it using the "Export as..." button. In the case of containers, you can also import a resource using the "Import" form.


The import and export features behind these UI elements have been deprecated. In future, different functionality may be put in place to handle these use cases and the Import/Export UI elements removed from the web page.


To export a resource, simply select the format. Note that currently JCR/XML is the only supported format.


To import a resource, select a file then choose the format in which it was originally exported and click the "Import" button. The imported content will be inserted as a child of the current resource. 

JCR/XML is currently the only supported import format.

An exported resource may not be successfully reimported as long as the original still exists because system-assigned IDs must be unique.

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