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Ingest Process Steps

  1. DuraCloud exposes Chronopolis Staging Storage Provider
  2. User transfers content into a space in Chronopolis staging storage provider
  3. User selects option to create a Chronopolis snapshot from space contents
    1. User is asked for and provides necessary snapshot metadata
  4. DuraCloud creates snapshot properties file and stores it in snapshot space
  5. DuraCloud makes space read-only (based on presence of snapshot properties file)
  6. DuraCloud makes a call to Bridge Ingest App running on Chronopolis hardware indicating that a snapshot should be taken
    • Information provided on snapshot call: DuraCloud host and port, Store ID, Space ID, Snapshot ID
  7. The Bridge Ingest app:
    • Creates a directory for the snapshot on a local mounted file system (bridge storage)
    • Pulls all content from the space to /data directory under the snapshot directory
    • Moves the snapshot properties file from the /data directory to the snapshot directory
    • Stores the properties for all content items in a json file, also in the snapshot directory
    • Creates an MD5 manifest of all content items, adding each item after the MD5 has been verified to match the DuraCloud checksum
    • Creates a SHA-256 manifest of all content
  8. The Bridge Ingest app notifies Chronopolis (email to start) that a snapshot is ready for ingest, and provides the snapshot ID and the path of the snapshot directory
  9. Chronopolis pulls all content from bridge storage into Chronopolis preservation storage.
    • Chronopolis verifies content against manifest
    • Chronopolis creates DPN bags for the content
  10. Chronopolis notifies DuraCloud that Snapshot creation is complete
  11. DuraCloud removes all content from bridge storage and from staging storage
    • DuraCloud makes space in staging provider available for writes again
  12. DuraCloud displays the snapshot and the content it contains in a Chronopolis Storage Provider
  13. Chronopolis creates additional copies of snapshot in secondary nodes and DPN

Note: Terms are defined in the Bridge Term Glossary

Note: Bridge App REST API listed here

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