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Chronopolis Staging Storage Provider

A DuraCloud storage provider (which is an integration with a back-end storage system in DuraCloud) which is used to provide a storage location for content that is destined to be stored in Chronopolis.
Chronopolis Snapshot Storage ProviderA DuraCloud storage provider which is used to expose the data collections which have been stored in Chronopolis and the content items which are included in those collections
Bridge ApplicationAn application which is hosted on the Bridge Server and is responsible for moving content between DuraCloud storage and Bridge Storage, in both directions.
Bridge ServerA server which is physically managed by Chronopolis, but is accessible to both the DuraCloud and Chronopolis teams and systems. This server acts as a "bridge" between the two systems by providing a set of applications which allow the systems to communicate and transfer data.
Bridge StorageA storage system mounted on the Bridge Server which is used to store user content as it move between the DuraCloud and Chronopolis systems
Chronopolis CollectionA logical grouping of digital objects (content files, manifests, properties listing files, etc) form a collection in Chronopolis. This is the basic grouping unit of preservation organization in the system.
ManifestA listing of files. For this program, manifest means a correctly formed BagIt manifest.
SnapshotA set of files which have been selected by a user of DuraCloud to be moved as a group into Chronopolis. These files, along with a few system files (manifests, properties listing files, etc) form a collection in Chronopolis.
Snapshot metadataA set of metadata which is associated with a snapshot. This metadata is partially system generated and partially user defined. This information is stored as part of a snapshot, and may be used by DuraCloud and/or Chronopolis
Snapshot StatusProperties describing the runtime state of a snapshot.
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