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Title (Goal)Structure - Format checking of data entry in input forms
Primary ActorEnd User | Administrator
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

As a DSPACE admin I frequently get requests to correct mistyped meta-data or meta data that does not conform to a local standard. Some of these mistakes can be caught by adding a  format  property to the field definition in input-forms.xml

  • extent field in one form might be  '[0-9]* pages' in another  but '[0-9]+ [KMGT]B'
  • email should look like   — some wicked reg-exp


  1. This is also directly related to Admin UI - Manage input forms (managing input forms from the Admin UI), so I've linked it up with that broader use case.

    See also Structure - Check Bitstream names against allowed file name pattern, which is similar in nature, but also requests the ability to change a file name in the Admin UI itself.

  2. This is addressed in the development Submission wizard proposed for inclusion in DSpace 7