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In 2006 the DSpace community has undertaken a major review of the DSpace architecture and technology in order to create a roadmap for platform development that can be implemented over the next year. The following three documents will describe:

  • ArchReviewProcess : the process for moving this work forward (original version in PDF format attachment:Process.pdf or Microsoft Word format attachment:Process.doc)
  • ArchReviewWorkingPrinciples: a set of working principles for the group to follow (original version at attachment:WorkingPrinciples.pdf or attachment:WorkingPrinciples.doc)
  • ArchReviewIssues: a list of issues that the group will address (original version at attachment:TechnicalIssues.pdf or attachment:TechnicalIssues.doc)

These are draft documents that are being discussed and edited by the group. Nothing is final, and the process will be as open as possible.

The group has the following ArchReviewMembers

There is a private mailing list (dspace-review, hosted by the University of Toronto) for the group to handle logistics, but as much discussion as practical will be held in open forums such as the dspace-devel mailing list, and we invite comments and discussion from the entire community during this process.

For questions please contact MacKenzie Smith, MIT Libraries ( or John Mark Ockerbloom, the chair of the working group at

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