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Folien verfügbar: Webinar: Google Scholar Indexing for DSpace Repositories


Recordings and Slides of the webinar by Monica Westin of Google Scholar are now available:


Questions asked:

How long does it take for google to re-index a repository after all bugs have been fixed?

What do you recommend for repositories which have decided to merge research data and publication data?
in one repository

What can we do, if the repository is not picked up?

What can we do about URL changes? Our repository is indexed in GS with three different URLs (all versions)

Some institutions have their own kind-of journals. They publish unique articles in those, that aren’t published else where. Often they include title pages automatically to mark all articles that belongs to the same series. Anything bad about cover pages for unique series?
Is there any way to notice that my repository was excluded from harvesting? any way to let you know that we fixed issued and want to get another chance?

How large may files be to be picked up as direct PDF link an the right side in GS ... or are there other reasons for inclusion oder exclusion? (I think it's 5 MB)

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