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Developers Meeting on Weds, June 1, 2016


Today's Meeting Times

  • JIRA Backlog Hour: 16:00 UTC in #dspace IRC, i.e. one hour AFTER the meeting. During that hour, we will be working together to tackle our JIRA Backlog of "Received" tickets.
    • Unfortunately, Tim has a conflict with this session as the Steering Group meeting is at the same time.
  • DSpace Developers Meeting: 15:00 UTC in #duraspace IRC


Ongoing Reminders

Discussion Topics

  1. DSpace 6.0 Status
    1. Path to 6.0: Moving rapidly towards an RC2
      1. Outstanding high priority issues:
    2. Remaining unresolved issues flagged from "testathon":
      1. We need help squashing bugs that have been reported
      2. We also need help testing fixes that have been submitted as PRs!
    3. All the PRs flagged for 6.0 (some may need rescheduling):
  2. Other topics?

Meeting Notes

Meeting Transcript

Action Items

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