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Developers Meeting on Weds, April 20, 2016


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Discussion Topics

  1. DSpace 6.0 Status
    1. 6.0 Timeline:
      1. Release Candidate 1 (RC1): ~April 21
      2. Testathon : April 25 through May 6 (two weeks): DSpace Release 6.0 Testathon Page
      3. RC2: May 13
      4. Final Release: Around May 26
    2. Current 6.0 status:
      1. One blocker before RC1: Unable to locate Jira server for this macro. It may be due to Application Link configuration.
      2. Seven (7) outstanding "Improvement" PRs:
      3. Six (6) outstanding "code task" PRs:
    3. Testathon Planning:
      • Who will cut the RC1 release?
      • Who will update
      • Reminder email out for Monday morning.
      • Other steps?
    4. All the PRs flagged for 6.0 (some may need rescheduling):
  2. Other topics?

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