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Developers Meeting on Weds, April 15, 2015

Today's Meeting Times


Discussion Topics

  1. DSpace 5.2 Release Status Check
    1. Outstanding 5.2 PRs list from GitHub:
    2. DS-2486 - Getting issue details... STATUS (and related tickets)
  2. Strategic Planning / Roadmap updates
    1. Email sent to Steering Group, Leadership Group, DCAT and Committers regarding the upcoming work. Two documents to be drafted prior to OR15
      1. 3-year Strategic Plan for Technology (in very early draft)
      2. 1-2 year Technical Roadmap (not yet begun)
    2. Welcome to follow along and add your thoughts on the Strategic Planning page (and subpages)
    3. Also, check out the DSpace Wiki reorg (with the newly reorganized left menu!)
  3. Other topics?

Ongoing Discussions

  • Looking beyond DSpace 5, what sort of UI(s) would we want for the future? 
    1. The new DSpace Steering Group has noted that it seems unsustainable to maintain two UIs forever.
    2. Both our UIs are rather dated platforms (JSPUI = base code is 13+ years old, XMLUI = 7+ years old). There are lots of newer, easier to user Java and non-Java UI platforms.
    3. Brainstorms on a Future UI is the beginning of some very rough ideas of what UI platforms exist out there, and what is important to us in a UI.  None of this is "set in stone", and it's all just a brainstorm on "If we had to choose again now, what do we feel is the best UI platform to help DSpace remain a relevant, vibrant project for 5-10 more years."

Meeting Notes

Meeting Transcript

Action Items

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