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Developers Meeting on Weds, October 17, 2012


Regular Items

  • Forgoing JIRA review for now to spend time on 3.0 & Testathon. Specific JIRA tickets can be brought up as needed.

Discussion Topics

  1. 3.0 Release Testathon
    1. How is the testing going for everyone?
    2. List of bugs found in 3.0
  2. Test failure for testRegisterServiceClass(org.dspace.servicemanager.DSpaceServiceManagerTest). From discussion on dspace-release (can't find a link to it) Robin Taylor and Kevin Van de Velde are investigating. The test used to work with the old Spring Framework, there is just something a bit off with how the test interacts with Spring, from the looks of things. Perhaps if the test can be rewritten to avoid this problematic aspect of Spring, but still test that beans are being created? This test failure is preventing us from cutting a RC2. has been updated to the most recent master, by ignoring the results of this test failure.
  3. Would there be any interest in moving one or two themes (mainly Mirage, maybe something else) into its own GitHub repository? This would facilitate including themes as submodules in Git, and would make trading theme code much more straightforward.
  4. Other topics?

Additional Ongoing Topics

  1. How can we "catch up" with JIRA Backlog?
    • Do we need to "split up" the tickets & do quick reviews on our own? Or perhaps just split up tickets & do a very quick ranking & schedule ones with patches for 3.0?
    • Perhaps we schedule a "JIRA Backlog Bash" event (via IRC or similar) where we work together to decrease the backlog over a few days or a week (think of this like a "Test-a-thon" but instead we'd be working to just clear out the backlog as best we can).
  2. Brainstorming Features/Changes for future. Can we work towards development teams around any of these projects?

Individual Status Updates

If you have status items to report, please enter them below at least 1 hour before the meeting starts.

Meeting Notes

Meeting Transcript

Action Items

(Action items go here, if any)

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