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Developers Meeting on Weds, August 29, 2012


Regular Items

  • Forgoing the normal JIRA review to concentrate on 3.0 Release (for now)

Discussion Topics

  1. 3.0 Release Discussions
    • Reviewing of the outstanding Feature Pull Requests:
      • Any we want to work to vote in?
      • Does Release Team need support in reviewing remainder? How do we want to tackle this / split up work?
    • Outstanding question: Do we want to pull LNI out of the "main codebase" and release as a separate 'dspace-lni' module?
  2. Other topics?

Additional Ongoing Topics

  1. How can we "catch up" with JIRA Backlog?
    • Do we need to "split up" the tickets & do quick reviews on our own? Or perhaps just split up tickets & do a very quick ranking & schedule ones with patches for 3.0?
    • Perhaps we schedule a "JIRA Backlog Bash" event (via IRC or similar) where we work together to decrease the backlog over a few days or a week (think of this like a "Test-a-thon" but instead we'd be working to just clear out the backlog as best we can).
  2. Brainstorming Features/Changes for future. Can we work towards development teams around any of these projects?

Individual Status Updates

If you have status items to report, please enter them below at least 1 hour before the meeting starts.

Meeting Notes

Meeting Transcript

Action Items

Action items coming out of this meeting go here, if any.

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