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Developers Meeting on Weds, June 13, 2012


Regular Items

Discussion Topics

  1. Feedback on the DSpace Developers Meeting at OR12 draft agenda?
    • Should we schedule more time in for "3.0 Discussions"?
    • Did we want to schedule in 1/2 hr or so for Jonathan Markow (DuraSpace Chief Strategy Officer) to talk / answer questions on DSpace + Fedora and DuraSpace roadmaps?
    • Is there anything that you feel could be "cut" from the agenda, or discussed instead as a "Special Topic" Meeting or as a "Developers Summit" in late Summer / early Fall?
  2. Feedback on DS-1193: I would like to continue to work on DS-1193: display bitstream read access permissions on item page, but there is the issue of access to the data about access permissions, which is currently public (accidental feature? see bitstream access rights in DRI? thread) and some developers think it should be restricted. Before I continue working on that, I'd like to get an ACK that XMLUI will continue to have access to this data (probably accessible only from localhost, any pointers how this can be done?). ~~helix84
  3. Need to review Guidelines for Committing based on GitHub/Git?
    • Thoughts on how we rework these polices to our new GitHub development environment (with Pull Request policies, etc.)?
  4. 3.0 Release Updates / Possible feature updates or ideas
    • REMINDER: Add your planned 3.0 contributions to the 3.0 Wiki Page
  5. Where should translations of individual modules like Discovery go? Including them in the main messages.xml currently works. This should be answered before freeze time, it already poses another barrier for commiting of translations, see DS-1049, DS-1054. This is a subproblem of i18n Improvements Proposal, but let us not divert this discussion too much to broad topics. ~~helix84
  6. DS-531: ETD-MS schema out of the box. Again, the larger problem is that our metadata schema should be brought up-to-date with DCMI, but maybe we could tackle this smaller issue of ETDs. I suggest we add a "thesis" schema with 5 fields mentioned in this table to support ETD-MS out-of-the-box. ~~helix84
  7. Other topics?

Additional Ongoing Topics

  1. How can we "catch up" with JIRA Backlog?
    • Do we need to "split up" the tickets & do quick reviews on our own? Or perhaps just split up tickets & do a very quick ranking & schedule ones with patches for 3.0?
    • Perhaps we schedule a "JIRA Backlog Bash" event (via IRC or similar) where we work together to decrease the backlog over a few days or a week (think of this like a "Test-a-thon" but instead we'd be working to just clear out the backlog as best we can).
  2. Brainstorming Features/Changes for 3.0. Can we work towards development teams around any of these projects?

Individual Status Updates

If you have status items to report, please enter them below at least 1 hour before the meeting starts.

Meeting Notes

JIRA Review, Topics for OR12 Dev Mtg, after meeting discussion of access rights to access rights

Meeting Transcript

Action Items

Action items coming out of this meeting go here, if any.

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