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Developers Meeting on Weds, January 18, 2012


Regular Items

  1. JIRA Catch-Up – starting with issue DS-924

Discussion Topics

  1. Brainstorming Features/Changes for 3.0. Anyone have anything they'd like to see happen (i.e. are volunteering to help make happen)?
  2. Topics for an upcoming Special Topic meeting?
  3. Other topics?

Individual Status Updates

If you have status items to report, please enter them below at least 1 hour before the meeting starts.


Peter Dietz

  • Have been tinkering with an Elastic Search backend for statistics to address performance issues locally.

Meeting Notes

JIRA review, brainstorming around a "Business Logic" layer (avoid UI logic duplication)

Meeting Transcript

Action Items

Action items coming out of this meeting go here, if any.

  • TODO - Update the ReleaseCoordinating page to better outline Release Processes
    • Add "Update this document with lessons learned" as the final task of any release.
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