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Developers Meeting on Weds, March 16, 2011


  • SPECIAL TOPIC MEETING: DSpace 2.0 RoadMap Proposal
    • Please see Proposed RoadMap to 2.0 for proposal details
    • We will use this meeting to discuss this general proposal, especially how it pertains to upcoming 1.8.0
  • As necessary, we can also discuss 1.7.1 upcoming release
  • DAYLIGHT SAVINGS REMINDER FOR THOSE IN USA : Daylight Savings time began last weekend, which means this meeting is now one hour LATER. See the world clock to determine what 20:00 UTC corresponds to where you live.

Meeting Notes

Discussion of Proposed RoadMap to 2.0

  • Some concerns expressed:
    • "If the goal is a DSpace w/Fedora inside, then let's look at what that requires." Some suggestions that we need to learn more about what DSpace w/Fedora Inside means before we can move towards it in a logical fashion.
    • "There are more trade-offs, and built-up legacy revolving around developing those features than is acknowledged"
  • Need to step back and look at our priorities:
    • Overarching Goals expressed at top of Proposed RoadMap to 2.0 seem to have some common agreement.
    • Goal to allow for DSpace w/Fedora Inside as an option (may not be required)
      • Still concerns over whether that has stronger architectural requirements that would require us to entirely rebuild DSpace architecture
    • Goal to allow for "Third party, non-Java user interface (i.e. php-UI)" (communicates via REST API, SOLR/Discovery, or similar)
  • Much more discussion necessary! We barely touched the surface
    • Schedule a meeting in future to go over Modularization / Refactoring projects?
    • Also more discussion at OR11 Developers Meeting and other future meetings

Meeting Transcript

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