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Developers Meeting on Weds, October 13, 2010


  • JIRA Catch-Up (for first 20 mins or so of meeting) – starting with issue DS-638
  • VOTE ON 'dspace-test' change
    • It has been recommended by grahamtriggs that we should move the 'dspace-test' Unit Tests directly into the 'dspace-api' module (as they all relate directly to that API, and it brings the tests closer to the code they test)
    • Initially they were only separated out because there was an expectation that tests from other DSpace packages may want to use the same mocks.
    • Pere has refactored code to move 'dspace-test' contents into 'dspace-api'. He can commit it if we approve these changes.
  • DSpace 1.7 Features/Updates
    • DSpace Curation Framework – Has anyone had a chance to look at this code/documentation? It seems like a great candidate for 1.7, but we'd need to approve it soon if we are going to release it in 1.7. Richard Rodgers has mentioned he thinks a "Virus Scanning (ClamAV)" task can be ready for 1.7. Also hoping for a task allowing people to kick off AIP generation via Admin UI.
    • (Just over) one week remains until Feature Freeze (Oct 22).
    • General Updates from everyone Or other Topics to discuss.
    • Unclaimed 1.7 Issues/Potential Features in JIRA

Meeting Notes

1.7 Updates, 'dspace-test' proposed code move, JIRA review

  • JIRA Review – ended with issue DS-640
  • Suggested 'dspace-test' changes on Trunk (see above)
    • Approved by all attendees.
  • Updates on 1.7 features – see transcript

Meeting Transcript

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