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Developers Meeting on Weds, September 29, 2010


  • Teaser: coming soon, DSpace JIRA Migration to
    • Tim is investigating how much work this will take to add our issues to the existing DuraSpace JIRA. He will announce before it happens, and will try to keep downtime to a minimum.
    • Our existing JIRA is a rather old version – this move will also allow everyone to use the same Login for both Wiki & JIRA.

Meeting Notes

Main Topics: 1.7.0 updates, JIRA Review, some discussion of Maven Dependencies

  • JIRA Review – ended with issue DS-631
  • 1.7.0 Updates – 3 weeks till Feature Freeze (Oct 22)
    • Curation System (led by Richard Rodgers) coming along and should be ready for 1.7.0 – Richard is looking for feedback!
    • Tim will update License Headers in SVN, so that we will switch all code to the smaller DuraSpace License Header suggestion
    • CGI Proposal (led by Richard Rodgers) is running behind and is unlikely for 1.7.0 (unless anyone else wants to take lead?)
    • Google Scholar metadata work (led by Sands Fish) is coming along. Needed some enhancements to support a link to a PDF in item (which Google Scholar would like to see). Updated code soon.
  • Discussions of Maven Dependencies, based on this dspace-devel thread
    • We may need to reanalyze our Maven Dependency settings, and also reanalyze how we are creating maintence branches. Should these branches be created from Trunk (our current policy)? Or from the latest Tagged version?
    • Sands Fish will create skeleton docs on wiki, so we can better document how we are using Maven, and make sure everyone is on the same page
      • We need more documented best practices on using Maven with DSpace!

Meeting Transcript

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