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Developers Meeting on Weds, August 25, 2010


  • JIRA Catch-Up (for first 20 mins or so of meeting) – starting with issue DS-564
  • DSpace 1.7 Features/Updates
  • Potential Asynchronous Release Processes (for DSpace Discovery and possibly REST API)
    • Proposal is to find an easy way to install DSpace addons (where 'addons' are separate Maven Projects, like REST or Discovery) after you've already installed out-of-the-box DSpace. This could allow DSpace to move into more of a "plugin" architecture – where initially you'd just install the base DSpace, and later you can install only the addons/plugins that you want.
    • One Option for Async Releases via Maven:
      • Mark Diggory had suggested potentially creating Maven Archetypes (templates) which can be used to assist in installation of these 'addons'. We could also create our own Maven Plugin for DSpace to allow us to easily call these archetypes.
      • E.g. In the end, you could run mvn dspace:install-discovery to auto-create the [dspace]/dspace/modules/discovery/ directory and add its dependency the [dspace]/dspace/modules/pom.xml (thus Maven would install 'Discovery' the next time you ran mvn package).
      • The Maven "dspace:xxxxxxx" namespace would be reserved for only "official" addons which you could install on demand. (e.g. 'dspace:install-rest', 'dspace:install-discovery', 'dspace:install-lni', etc.).

Meeting Notes

JIRA catchup, DSpace 1.7 updates, Discovery + JSPUI updates

  • JIRA Issue Review – Reviewed open issues from DS-564 to DS-578
  • General Updates on DSpace 1.7

Meeting Transcript

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