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Developers Meeting on Weds, August 18, 2010


  • JIRA Catch-Up (for first 20 mins or so of meeting) – starting with issue DS-553
  • DSpace 1.7 Features/Updates
    1. AIP Backup/Restore work is now in Trunk. Feedback is welcome. NEED HELP TESTING LNI (see DS-647)
    2. DSpace 1.7 Documentation to Wiki - Jeff Trimble is working on it here: DSpace Test Document
      • If you have time or would like to volunteer to help cleanup the Docs in the wiki, contact Jeff Trimble.
    3. Java 1.6 as a Pre-requisite for 1.7.0 – Do we update our docs & pom.xml?
    4. REST API - Do we release as an "beta version" in 1.7? Do we release asynchronously on its own (after 1.7 but before 1.8)? Do we hold until 1.8 or later?
    5. DSpace Discovery project updates
    6. Anyone have other 1.7 feature updates?
  • Topic suggestions for next meeting?

Meeting Notes

JIRA Cleanup, Discovery updates, REST API discussion (bring REST issues to JIRA)

  • 30 minutes of JIRA Cleanup – ended with issue DS-562
  • DSpace Discovery updates
    • Requires decision on asynchronous or synchronous release processes
    • Discovery has dependencies on 'dspace-api', and otherwise would need to be moved to Trunk to build properly
    • Code is still "beta" – needs more eyes/attention
  • REST API updates
    • <kshepherd> REST is far from ready. Even the read-only GET functions are not implemented as advertised, and GETs to, for example, collections with > 1000 items will run a typical jvm out of mem due to some parent/child entity loops and incorrect depth checking
    • TODO: Bring REST issues into JIRA

Meeting Transcript

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