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Developers Meeting on Weds, August 11, 2010


  • JIRA Catch-Up (for first 20 mins or so of meeting) – starting with issue DS-533
  • DSpace 1.7 Features/Updates
    • Our first milestone was to try to finalize major features by mid-August. It is now mid-August.
    • REST API - Do we release as an "beta version" in 1.7? Do we release asynchronously on its own (after 1.7 but before 1.8)? Do we hold until 1.8 or later?
    • AIP Backup/Restore work - It's "ready to go", just needs to be approved by others before committing. Any comments/thoughts?
    • Anyone else have 1.7 feature updates?

Meeting Notes

JIRA catchup, 1.7 updates, AIP Backup/Restore work will be added to Trunk

  • JIRA catchup for the first 30 minutes. Ended with issue DS-552
  • DSpace 1.7 Updates
    • Questions on DSpace Discovery project – is it proposed for 1.7 release still? Concerns about version of Solr?
    • AIP Backup/Restore work – proposed to add to trunk soon for release in 1.7
      • Votes: +5 to add to Trunk (no one was against). An additional +2 from dspace-devel listserv email. AIP work will be added to Trunk
        • Richard Rodgers has expressed a few outstanding questions/concerns about one small API change in prototype (allowing Handles to be assigned to WorkspaceItems). He will work with Tim to figure out a resolution.
  • Discussions for next week: More JIRA catchup, Updates on Discovery work and REST work – hopefully a decision on both as to whether they go into 1.7?

Meeting Transcript

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