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Testathon Completed

The DSpace 7.0 Testathon is completed. To submit any further issues or feedback, please report them directly into

TL;DR : How to just get testing!

Welcome to Testathon 7.0!

DSpace Development never stops! DSpace 7.0 is almost here, and with it arrive numerous new features, improvements, bug-fixes, changes, etc.

We ask that you take a few minutes of your time in these coming weeks to help us fully test this new release! We want to ensure we are maintaining the same level of quality that you come to expect out of a new DSpace release. We'd also love to hear your early feedback on 7.0!

WHO: You! Everyone is invited to take part. Whether you manage multiple instances, or are interested in trying it out, we welcome your feedback.

WHAT: Help beta-test DSpace 7.0 to ensure that it passes its ultimate test: that it does what users expect it to. We've added new features that could use more eyes, browsers, and mouse-clicks to make sure that things aren't missing, that they don't break, that they don't lose your data, and that they easily do what one expects them to do. So if any features have issues while your testing it.

WHEN: Monday, April 19 through Friday, May 7, 2021. You can keep visiting the site and post your feedback, as part of continual improvement.

WHY: The sooner we find and fix bugs, the higher quality the software will be when it comes time to upgrade or install DSpace 7.0.

HOW: Go to and test-drive the new user interface. We're looking for feedback on the DSpace software, as well as feedback on our unreleased 7.0 documentation.

WHERE: The test plan to record test results for is available at

Questions?  Ask them on our DSpace Tech Support list ( or Slack

Updated Documentation for 7.0

There are substantial upgrades to the DSpace documentation for version 7.0. Volunteers are needed to review it for clarity and accuracy. Visit the DSpace 7.x Documentation page for more info.

Test Plan

The test plan for the DSpace 7 Testathon can be found on

Instruction video: Introduction to the test plan

Instruction video: Contributing test definitions

Reporting DSpace 7 Security issues

Even though DSpace 7 is still in beta, it cannot be excluded that institutions are already running it on publicly accessible (test) servers right now.

Please report security issues to according to the DSpace Software Support Policy. This way, investigation and resolution of security issues can be fast tracked, after which they can be publicly disclosed.


  1. I would like to add some tests into the Test Plan but whenever I try to type in the empty cell in the next row (ie cell B118 or E118) then I get an error message that says the cell is protected. This is a surprise because I was able to change the text in one of the heading cells. The message says: 

    "There was a problem
    You are trying to edit a protected cell or object. Please contact the spreadsheet owner to remove protection if you need to edit." 

    Could someone add a note here please to tell people who we should contact to request editing rights or about protected cells? Thank you. 

    I wanted to add some tests to be done specifically in particular browsers. I know test T008 mentions a wide range of browsers to use for general looking around the pages, but I think there are a few other aspects of functionality where we need to make sure we've tested several browsers , in case some page elements don't display well in certain browsers (including search, submit an item, view statistics and use faceted browsing). 

    1. Bram gave me access to the spreadsheet, and I can edit the cells now, thanks very much Bram Luyten (Atmire) for your help (smile)