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Welcome to the DSpace Testathon, March 21 + 22 2006. Please look at this page to see what's already been tested and what hasn't. Please join the IC channel, where there should be a DSpace committer on line most of the time as well as your fellow testers. Quick guide to joining IC
If you are behind a firewall that does not allow access to IC, please email Stuart Lewis with your IP address (or that of your web proxy if you use one) for access to a web-based IC client.

IC Server




Test server:
DatabaseSchemas: attachment:DatabaseSchema first draft, might be usefull to debug

What's In 1.4alpha

See the wiki:/elease1_4 release 1.4 Page for a list of features and bug fixes in this release.

Bugs found

1. This line in dspace.cfg causes a failure since there is no `eporterDAOImpl` class:

Unknown macro: {}}

2. Should batch import index on creation, at conclusion of import, or leave as manual task? Currently doesn't index, but probably not an issue since no-one has logged this on SF?
3. Plugin Manager needs to have trim added on line 205 (plus randed Preview media filter config line needs to have trailing space removed)

  • Fixed with patch #1455842
    4. filter-media option -m starts count at 0 instead of 1 so m+1 items are processed
  • Fixed with patch #1455842
    5. Subject search in navbar-default.jsp non-XHTML compliant
    6. In installation doc (docs\install.html), the Oracle step "Copy the Oracle JDC driver into dspace-source/lib." comes too early. This needs moving down to step 3 of the 'Quick Installation Steps' where the postgres jar file is stuck in the lib directory. (SL)
    7. In the default dspace.config, the line 'dspace.url =' is inconsistent with convention, https doesn't run on 8080. (SL)
    8. In the installation doc, step 6 should read "mkdir dspace ; chown dspace:dspace dspace" (added ':dspace' to ensure that group ownership is also set) (SL)
    9. In the installation doc, under the crontab settings, "0 4 * * * dspace/bin/dsrun -c" needs the '.app' removed, as it is just in 'org.dspace.checker...'. Is this inconsistent? There are two checker packages, one in, and one just in org.dspace. (SL)
    10. Should the (C) statement in the footer be changed from "Copyright © 2002-2005" to "Copyright © 2002-2006"? (SL)
    11. See bug 1455320 (do we need ldap.enable = true any more now that we have stackable authentication?)
  • there are UI components that test this field generally in the context of displaying/checking the netID field. Without the ldap.enable I think the only way to check this is via the classname (e.g. via the AuthorizationManager's iterator) which I guess then would either need to be configurable or a fixed name to determine.
    12. Wrong link in jsp/dspace-admin/list-metadata-fields.jsp line 83 "<a href="<%=request.getContextPath()%>/dspace-admin/dc-schema">" should be "<a href="<%=request.getContextPath()%>/dspace-admin/metadata-schema-registry">". (cjuergen)
    13. Even if statistics are not enabled, the statistic link is displayed in /dspace-admin, using it leads to a null pointer exception. (cjuergen)
  • I don't encounter this problem. The build process should create a report directory if it's not there and you should just get a normal page with a message saying no stats are available. Can you check reports dir was created? The stats are always available via the dspace-admin menu. (SY 22/3)
    14. Database schema not compatible with Oracle. See bug 1455290.
    15. search index configuration and advanced search are not in sync (cjuergen)
    The search index for language is missing in dspace.cfg, should be search.index.12 = language:dc.language.*
    Wrong name for identifier search index, should be search.index.11 = identifier:dc.identifier.*
    16. Searching for an identifier (after correcting the search.index in dspace.cfg) like leads to an invalid string error, must be wrapped in "" to work. (cjuergen)
    17. bin/index-all (precisely the initialse browse part) and item mapping leads to duplication of entries in the table communities2item and in the view community2item.(cjuergen)
    18. Missing tags: (cjuergen)
  • jsp/mydspace/main.jsp
  • <input type="submit" name="submit_open" value="Open"/>
  • <th id="t10" class="oddowEvenCol">Submitted by</th>
  • src/org/dspace/workflow/
  • message = "It requires reviewing."
  • message = "The submission must be checked before inclusion in the archive."
  • message = "The metadata needs to be checked to ensure compliance with the "
    + "collection's standards, and edited if necessary."
  • return "Untitled"
    19. Doc: upgrade step 5: "search.index.1 = title.alternative" when dspace.cfg reads "search.index.1 = title:title.alternative"
    20. OAI-PMH exported MODS does not validate
  • Fixed in;aid=1455904&amp;group_id=19984&amp;atid=319984 Patch # 1455904
    21. Doc: upgrade: run index-all
    22. Using crosswalk mechanism for OAI-PMH: Metadata prefixes need to be lower case (e.g. 'oai_dc', 'mets'), but naming of crosswalks is upper case (METS, QDC etc.)
    Fixed this in latest version of;aid=1453425&amp;group_id=19984&amp;atid=319984 Patch 1453425 --lcs
    23. Multiple Metadata Schemas and Collection Template: it is not possible to add an non-dc metadata field to a collection template, although the fields are displayed (without schema qualifier) in the selection list. (cjuergen)
    24. Input-Forms.xml validation against existing values in metadata registry is necessary. (cjuergen)
    25. It is possible to create communities, sub-communities and collections without names, which are therefore not accessible via the UI. (cjuergen)
    26. Subject browse that breaks over >1 page lists (e.g.) "Showing items 20-25 of 24." on the last page.
    27. Running fresh_install twice puts a duplicate entry into MetadataSchemaegistry causing the app to fail
  • Fixed with updated patch #1455107
    28. Collection Administrator: while editing an item the collection admin is provided with the Item's Authorisation Edit and the Delete utton and he has not authorisation to use both. (cjuergen)
    29. Collection Administrator: after having withdrawn an item the collection admin is redirected to the dspace-admin page (cjuergen)
    30. After resuming a Submission where you previously "rejected" the License, you cannot jump directly to the "License" page via the progress bar. Instead, clicking on "License" in the progress bar brings you to the first "Describe" step. This occurs with Creative Commons licensing turned off. (TimDonohue)
  • Fixed with patch #1456241
    31. Submit review page isn't showing extended metadata schema element values
  • Fixed with patch #1455605
    32. Japanese texts in SS feed are malformed.
  • Fixed with patch #1455790
    33. Tiny typo in cksum checker email script - needs some spaces in - "3/21/06to3/23/06"
    34. There are some questions over whether the authorisation system works as expected. May or may not be a bug or considered correct functionality:
  • EAD policies have no effect on whether you can read the contents of communities and collections
  • EAD policies on the item do not cascade to bundles and bitstreams, such that if you remove EAD from an item without removing EAD from a bitstream, it is still possible to access that bitstream if you know where to look. Likewise if you remove EAD from the bitstream's bundle.
    35. Bitstream Format Registry. Adding a new internal format and trying to upload a file with an extension belonging to that format leads to an internal server error. (cjuergen)
    36. Initial Questions and Template are not in sync. Having a template with a value affected by the initial questions (title. alternative, date.issued) the user who submits to a collection with such an template is presented with the initial question warning "The changes you've made to the first "Describe Your Item" page will affect your submission" (cjuergen)
    37. Values of templates are not visible for the user, if they are not part of the input-form. (cjuergen)
    38. See bug 1380663 - Submission pages help links do not appear in MS IE, reported by rtansley (TimDonohue)
  • Fixed with patch #1455545
    39. Restricting access to bitstreams (on a collection basis) and attaching a cc license during submission: throws and 'internal server error' when an unauthorized user is trying to access the item. See bug 1456257. (GM)
    40. Instructions on configuring Controlled Vocabularies are in the docs/configure.html, but should probably be linked to both the docs/index.html and the docs/submission.html pages. (TimDonohue)
    41. To be able to remove mapped items, collection managers need 'remove' on collection. With "remove" on collection, they can then delete any item in that collection. (GM)
    42. Small typo in The first 'collections' should read 'collection' (singular). See bug #1456801 (SL)

    Patches to Apply

1.;aid=1453425&amp;group_id=19984&amp;atid=319984 Fix configuration of packager + crosswalk plugins – need this patch before packagers and crosswalks can be tested.

Test Areas


Web UI

  • Accuracy and completeness of online help

    Admin UI

  • Create new community (DSalo 3/21: works OK)
    ok, but possible to create communities without names see bug 25 (cjuergen)
  • Create new sub-community (DSalo 3/21: works OK)
    ok, but possible to create sub-communities without names see bug 25 (cjuergen)
  • Create new collection (DSalo 3/21: works OK)
    ok, but possible to create collections without names see bug 25
  • collection with template
    works only with dc-metadata-schema fields see bug 23 (cjuergen)
  • collection with one ore more workflow steps ok (cjuergen)
  • collection with collection-admin ok (cjuergen)
  • Create new e-people, groups (DSalo 3/21: works OK)
  • create eperson/group, ok (cjuergen)
  • edit eperson/group, ok (cjuergen)
  • delete eperson/group, ok (cjuergen)
  • changing groups which have been added to groups, ok (cjuergen)
  • Edit items (DSalo 3/21: works OK)
  • Withdraw and reinstate items (DSalo 3/21: works OK)
  • as an admin, ok (cjuergen)
  • as an collection admin, ok (cjuergen)
    but there lacks a possibility to get a list of withdrawn items via dspace-admin
    (JOttaviani 3/22 adding: UMichigan has created a more robust version of withdraw in v1.3. See e.g. for a screenshot of how a withdrawn item appears in our system now. We will port over to 1.4 when it's released, test, and then submit the code to the community.) A few things to note: + We haven't yet fixed the bug that allows a user who previously had linked directly to the bitstream to still see that. We're working on it, with the goal being to have a call to that bitstream's UL
    redirect to the withdrawal page; + The withdrawal message is taken from the penultimate entry in the description.provenance field, so the admin person has to enter that message as the last thing before confirming the withdrawal. (Which provides one more entry into description.provenance, hence displaying the next-to-last one.); + The withdrawal message in the example is obviously not one of the formal ones we'd use! (add'l info added by JOttaviani 3/23)
  • Expunge items (DSalo 3/21: works OK)
  • Edit metadata registry (new DC fields, new schemas)
    ok, but the collection template and multiple metadata support are not in sync see bug 23
  • Edit bitstream format registry
  • SY 22/3: updated existing format; added new format; added item against new format then deleted format, item format_id changed OK, metadata (mimetype) not updated, seems like a bug but not sure if an auto-update would be safe, maybe a notification required.
  • cjuergen: trying to use a new internal format leeds to a system error s. bug 35
  • Abort a workflow via admin UI (SL 22/3 - works ok)
  • Authorisation (see Authorisation below)
  • Edit news on front page (SL 21/3 - works ok)
  • Supervisors
  • Statistics (see statistics below)
  • Delete collection (SL 23/3 - works OK, but see bug #42 above)
  • Delete community

    Miscellaneous UI

  • Configure metadata fields to appear in simple item display
  • Default (`webui.itemdisplay.default = ...`
  • Per-collection (` = ...` and ` = ...` (GM 21/3: works OK)
  • HTML documents (see also: Submission UI)(GM 21/3: works OK for both: UI submission and import)
  • SS Feeds (SL 21/3 - worked for us)
  • Translations
  • mostly ok s. bug 18 for missing tags (cjuergen)
  • For the suggest feature some text is in dspace.cfg
  • webui.suggest.sender = A DSpace user
  • webui.suggest.recipient = colleague
  • My DSpace
  • View subscriptions (see also E-mail below) (SL 21/3 - listing subs works ok)
  • View accepted submissions (SL 21/3 - works ok, but how are they ordered? Doesn't seem to be obvious)
  • View authorization groups I am member of (SL 21/3 - works ok)
  • Usability - the My DSpace page is not very clearly arranged, especially for user which play parts as submitters or workflow members. (cjuergen)
  • Edit profile (GM 21/3: works OK)
  • OpenUL links (GM 21/3: works OK)
  • Suggest an item (GM 21/3: works OK, but the link "ecommend this item" is available also for unfinished submissions)
  • Map an item from one collection to another (GM 22/3 Works Ok, but the collection administrator needs 'add' on collection)
    Should show Handle not UL?

    Submission UI

  • Creative commons licences
  • Switched on and off (JOttaviani 22/3: works OK)
  • Try using HTTP proxy via ``
  • Single file, multiple files (JOttaviani 22/3: works OK)
  • Upload HTML document (multiple files with primary bitstream) (GM 21/3: works OK for both: UI submission and import)
  • Configure `input-forms.xml`
  • Recognised and unrecognised formats
    ok, but formats marked as internal cause an internal system error when someone tries to upload them s. bug 35 (cjuergen)
  • Checksum verification (SL 22/3 - works OK, cksum correct)
  • Licences (site default, per-collection) (SL 22/3 - both work ok)
  • Date of issue: (JOttaviani 22/3: accepts but doesn't display year entered as = "06")

    Submission workflow

  • Collections with no workflow steps, or a combination
  • For each workflow step, test editing metadata
    ok (cjuergen)
  • Test accept and reject
    ok (cjuergen)
  • Controlled vocabulary (TimDonohue 22/3 - works ok!)
    Usability – on successful submit, button says 'submit to this collection', but collection isn't displayed anywhere. Better to say 'submit again to same collection' or similar?
    Definitely better – I was too lazy to add a line to when I submitted the patch. My own install says "Submit another item to this collection." -DSalo
    Usability – Everything worked well until the first License step tab. If at the first part of the step and try to click on a previous tab (e.g. Describe, Upload), you get
    "System Error: Malformed Request
    There was an inconsistency in the data received from your browser..."
    (You can use browser back buttons to extricate, and reload/POST successfully.)
    Second License step: When you choose not to grant the license, and return to the item to resume/complete the submission, you cannot then skip ahead to the License step. Every attempt to do so returns to the first Describe step and you apparently have to look at all the (already completed) steps to get back to License. (You can reduce this irritation/repetition by clicking directly on the Verify tab and only have look at that step again.) -JOttaviani 22/3


under UI for now, since it's the only place it's currently used

  • Simple username/password (DSalo 21 March: works OK)
  • Registration, forgot password (see also: E-mail)
  • LDAP server (SL 21/3 - worked OK)
  • X509 certificate (lcs 21-Mar; works, tried all options. thanks to Mac``Kenzie for testing help.)
  • Logging out

    Search and browse

  • Configure columns in item lists (search results etc) using `webui.itemlist.columns` in `dspace.cfg`
  • browse communities and collections (JOttaviani 22/3: works OK)
  • browse titles, authors, subjects, by date (JOttaviani 22/3: works OK)
  • With scope 'All of DSpace', in a community, in a sub-community, in a collection
    Configure date, author, title, subject by using `webui.browse.index.` properties in `dspace.cfg`
  • Try configuring a different analyzer (e.g. for Chinese)
  • (SY 22/3: Configured Lucene StandardAnalyzer instead of DSAnlyzer, which works for Chinese strings, all OK)
  • basic and advanced search (SY 22/3: OK)
  • see bugs 15 and 16 (cjuergen)
  • in the advanced search the language search should rather be a selection list (cjuergen)
    Configure search fields (`search.index.` in `dspace.cfg`)
  • controlled vocab subject search (JOttaviani, 22/3: OK...very nice! hard to know w/certainty whether results complete, though, given I don't know what subjects were assigned to all items)
  • results page for Subject Search doesn't show what you searched on. Not a bug, per se, but a usability request - TimDonohue
    Usability – confusing to have both subject search (Javascript hierarchy) and 'browse by subject' (similar to title/author/date) feature?

Other functionality


  • Validate using epository Explorer (Clean install validates ok - SL 21/3)
  • Extract METS, DIDL; ensure valid XML
    DIDL crosswalk - exception if 'oai.didl.maxresponse' property is commented out (as it is in default dspace.cfg)

    atch import/export

  • Test import and export
    (SY 21/3: tested export, migrate script and import with all options (including invalid values and options)

    Media Filters

  • Thumbnail generation
  • Full-text extraction and indexing
  • Configure to support different bitstream formats
    (SY 21/3: tested all above plus all options)


  • Configure an SMTP server that needs authentication, try sending mail (e.g. 'forgot password' mail)
  • Send feedback using link in footer (SL 21/3 - worked ok either as logged in user or not)
  • Get error alerts (SL 21/3 - works ok)
  • Test subscriptions (`subs-daily`) (SL 22/3 - subs from 21/2 came through ok)
  • Test forgot-password email (SL 22/3 - worked ok)
  • Email to user after successful submission (SL 21/3 - worked ok)
  • Email from checksum checker (SL 22/3 worked ok)

    Statistical reports


Checksum checker

  • Change a file and check the reporter catches it (SL 22/3 - works ok)
  • Change file back to original and check the report is clear (SL 22/3 - works ok)
  • Sends emails correctly (see 'E-mail' section above) (SL 22/3 - works ok)
  • Check across multiple asset stores (SL 22/3 - works ok)
    More TODO

    Installation, Updating, Deployment

  • Test fresh install (SL 21/3 - Worked ok)
  • Test update from 1.3.2 with existing data + configuration (done DSalo 21 Mar; worked OK)
  • Update customised/modified DSpace, find 'gotchas'
  • See also Handle Server
  • Test on Linux, Windows, Mac, other UNIX (DSalo 21 Mar: Mac OSX 10.4/Tomcat/Joss/Postgres worked OK) (SL 21/3 Gentoo Linux/Tomcat/Apache/Mod_jk/Postgres worked OK, GM AIX/Tomcat/Postgres worked OK)

    Under the bonnet/hood

  • Validate Plugin Manager configuration by running command: `bin/dsrun org.dspace.core.PluginManager` and then check log for errors and warnings.

    Database platforms

  • Test fresh install, 1.3.2 -> 1.4 upgrade
  • On PostgreSQL (Did a 1.3.2 -> 1.4 upgrade, working OK so far. -DSalo)
  • On Oracle (version numbers?)

    itstream storage

  • Multiple asset stores (SL 22/3 - tested adding of items into a 2nd asset store ok)
  • S

    Handle Server

  • Install/update and test a 'live' Handle Server (connect to globla)
    Working (L)


  • Default permissions (on submission)
  • emove read access, check access not possible (on bitstreams)
  • See bug 34 above. May not behave as expected (J&SL 22/3)
  • Check unauthorised users cannot access admin UI, edit community/collection/item screens, submit
  • Collection administrator role
  • Collection admins can withdraw/reinstate items with the default 'COLLECTION_ADMIN' privileges. (GM 22/3 works OK, but see bug 41 above)

    Content API


Packagers, crosswalks

  • Need feedback on API
  • Test with `` command-line app.
  • Configure dissemination crosswalk plugins as OAI formats, see `config/templates/`
    METS crosswalk – why does the METS crosswalk invoke the packager? Why not have METS creation as a crosswalk, which is invoked by the packager? Seems inside out at the moment.
    ''Answer: METS crosswalk writes a manifest which needs to know the exact files
    that go in a DIP, so it makes sense to use the logic that is already in
    the packager instead of replicating it in both places.''
    All of the crosswalks fail validation – see /ValidationErrors
    Mostly fixed by patch # 1455904

    atch jobs

  • cleanup (SY 21/3: tested OK)
  • create-administrator (SY 21/3: tested OK)
  • (Lowser 22/3 tested OK)
  • dspace_migrate (SY 21/3: tested OK)
  • indexer (SY 21/3: tested OK)
  • stats (Lowser 22/3 tested OK) change needed to docs to remove the d from dstat-
  • subscription
  • SY 22/3: subscription notice set up on 21/3 came through OK with correct items
  • update-handle-prefix (SY 21/3: tested OK)