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Bug Fix Releases

DSpace 1.4.0 has seen the following bug-fix releases. If you are using 1.4.0, we recommend upgrading minimally to the latest version of 1.4.x:

Changes and Bugfixes in Release 1.4.0

This text is taken from RobertTansley's mail of March 17th:

General Improvements

  • Content verification through periodic checksum checking
  • Support for branded preview image
  • Add/replace Creative Commons in 'edit item' tool
  • Customisable item listing columns and browse indices
  • Script for updating handle prefixes (e.g. for moving from development to production)
  • Configurable boolean search operator
  • Controlled vocabulary patch to provide search on classification terms, and addition of terms during submission.
  • Add 'visibility' element to input-forms.xml
  • Browse by subject feature
  • Log4J enhancement to use XML configuration
  • QueryArgs class can support any number of fields in advanced search.
  • Community names no longer have to be unique
  • Enhanced Windows support
  • Support for multiple (flat) metadata schemas
  • Suggest an item page
  • RSS Feeds
  • Performance enhancements
  • Stackable authentication methods
  • Plug-in manager
  • Pluggable SIP/DIP support and metadata crosswalks
  • Nested groups of e-people
  • Expose METS and MPEG-21 DIDL DIPs via OAI-PMH
  • Configurable Lucene search analyzer (e.g. for Chinese metadata)
  • Support for SMTP servers requiring authentication

    Bug fixes

  • 1358197 - Edit Item, empty DC fields not removable
  • 1363633 - Submission step 1 fails when there are no collections
  • 1255264 - Resource policy eperson value was set to wrong column
  • 1380494 - Error deleting an item with multiple metadata schema support
  • 1443649 - Cannot configure unqualified elements for advanced search index
  • 1333687 - Browse-(title|date) fails on withdrawn item
  • 1066713 - Two (sub)communities cannot have one name
  • 1284055 - Two Communities of same name throws error
  • 1035366 - Bitstream size column should be bigint
  • 1352257 - Selecting a Group for GroupToGroup while Creating Collection
  • 1352226 - Navigation and Sorting in Group List (Select Groups) fails
  • 1348276 - Null in collection name causes OAI ListSets to fail
  • 1160898 - dspace_migrate removes Date.Issued from prev published items
  • 1261191 - Malformed METS metadata exported