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In DSpace 7, the JSP and XML user interfaces are being replaced with the Angular user interface. Together with updates related to other changes, the references to the old user interfaces have to be replaced with documentation and screenshots for the new user interface in the official DSpace 7 documentation.

The documentation space for DSpace 7 is available at DSpace 7.x Documentation

How to contribute to DSpace 7 documentation

Contributing to the documentation requires a LYRASIS wiki account. These accounts are free and can be requested in an email to, indicating that you wish to contribute to DSpace 7 documentation.

You are free to review and update any page in the DSpace 7.x Documentation space.

Alternatively, it is also a great help if you can identify outdated parts or highlight mistakes. To do so, you can use the comment section at the bottom of the page.

Need help?

Head over to the DSpace Slack channels in case you run into troubles and need assistance with updating of DSpace 7 documentation.

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