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DSpace Architectural Review

Notes from Thursday, 26 Oct 2006 (JSE)

I. Review of Agenda

1. Data Model Revisit (aggregation, etc)
2. Concrete data model and storage
3. Larry Stone: History, Provenance, Audit
4. Etc...

II. Abstract Data Model Revisit (Rob)

  • summary: fixing the "bundle" system
    • See RJ notes

See diagrams of Rob's draft proposals

  • version 1
  • version 2 (typed)
  • version 3 (typed)

Richard Rogers proposal

  • "strawman 2"

(MS) Observation: Rob's makes more explicit how maps to FRBR

  • whereas RR's more RDF- (or Fedora)-like

Need to test proposals against concrete examples

Problem with "Museum"-like repositories

  • e.g. in which there are many representations of a "work"
  • like many photos of a physical object
  • (ms) FRBR vs VRA

(jse) Separate data abstraction from application

  • (md) jsr-170 node/property model
  • (rj) let's be clear on what we need to worry about; this talk og nodes/properties is implementation...

RECOMMENDATION: (draft) Adopt Rob's Item/Representation/File (with Metadata for each)

  • ...and publish application note/"best practices" on meanings
  • change: Bundle to Representation...
  • change: Bitstream to File...

Example: "submitting a pdf with some metadata and a license"
*item is an article + descriptive metadata
*manifestation is a pdf
*file is a pdf

problem in linking-in files as metadata


III. History, Provenance, Audit

Overview of Larry Stone's stuff by RR

1. Event Mechanism

2. History needs to be based on logical events (transactions) not DB events