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The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.

See also: ArchReviewIssues

Data Model/Information Architecture (Tuesday)

  • versioning support (See VersioningProposal)
  • revisions in the identifier system (see e.g. this old persistent identifier discussion)
  • more flexible metadata options
    • often mentioned in connection with METS
  • support for relationships between bitstreams
    • see BitstreamRelationships
  • more robust content format support
  • alignment with the JSR170 data model
    • see
    • interesting because:
      • looked at by a lot of people
      • specified interface with many possible implementations
      • leg-up over model with just GET/PUT
    • Q: why should DS export the interface?
  • revisiting how aggregation is modeled
    • currently done via Communities and Collections
    • May dovetail with JSR170 approach
  • Scalability?

Interfaces and Modularity (Tuesday)

  • where to draw the lines...
  • Rob to review current "apis"
  • Big Issues
    • allow "wacky" innovations that don't require major changes
    • adopters are having trouble upgrading to new versions after having made changes
  • RJ to discuss: The Add-On Mechanism
  • What "shape" should a "framework" be?
  • What about user interfaces?
    • JSP-based vs. Manakin
  • Scalability?

Information Lifecycle management/workflow (Wednesday/Thursday)

*Weds: ePerson/identity mgmt

    • Authentication??
  • Authorization/Policy stuff (john)
  • Scalability?
  • History and provenance?
    *Thursday: auditing, content authN and integrity
    • Larry Stone (MIT Libs)

Concrete Model/Asset Repository (Thursday)

  • storage-layer api?
    • related to jsr170
    • THIS is where the jsr170 discussion should be
  • storing aips?
  • two issues:
    • encoding issues (mets, mpeg didl, etc)
    • what to do with them
  • Major discussion of implications of adopting something like jsr170
    • and therefore supporting third-party implementation of something behind an api
  • AIP/SIP/DIP "stuff"
  • Scalability?
    • Search and browse use case
  • Adopting more of a Hibernate model?

Review and going forward (Friday, October 27)

This is a shortened day to step back and make sure we all understand what we've
accomplished, decided on, and still have unresolved; to wrap up loose ends;
and to plan for production and delivery of our architectural recommendations and
a smooth handoff of them to development efforts.

  • Review of main priorities and dscisions made.
  • Half-bakery review: A chance to revisit half-baked ideas from earlier in the meeting, if folks have had a chance to rethink them and want to bring their ideas and proposals to full group discussion while most of us are still here.
  • Action plan for preparing roadmaps and specs.
  • Beyond the review: How our plans and recommendations might be implemented, evaluated, and/or revisited in later stages.

The meeting will end at 1pm on Friday, October 27.