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Title (Goal)Rebuild the discovery index
Primary ActorAdmin
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

The repository administrator, John, notices that the discovery facets are out of date, due to some changes to the configuration. Instead of rebuilding the discovery index from the command line interface, John clicks the "Discovery" link in the "Administrative" section of the side navigation. On the following page, a button is present which allows John to rebuild the discovery index of the repository. The dropdown list next to the button allows John to select if he wants to rebuild the discovery index for the entire repository, or for a specific community or collection.


  1. This operation is performance intensive.  The operation may need to run outside of the tomcat instance.

  2. Related to Admin UI - Trigger the re-index of a collection which is essentially the same use case, but for a single Collection.  One could also imagine a similar option at the Community level as well.

    Also very similar in nature to Admin UI - Configure and manage browse indexes

    Loosely related to Admin UI - Rebuild the OAI index in that they use the same underlying index software (Apache Solr).