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Title (Goal)Admin UI - Configure and manage browse indexes
Primary ActorAdmin
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

The repository manager, John, has been asked to add an additional browse index on the home page for the metadata field dc.type. In order to do so, the repository administrator opens the "Browse Indexes" link in the "Administrative" section of the side navigation. On this page, John is able to define a new browse index by providing:

  • The name of the new browse index
  • The type of the browse index: Browse by item or Browse by value
  • The metadata fields


  1. This use case is closely related to Admin UI - Customise which metadata fields to facet upon, search upon

    However, I'm keeping it separate for now (and just interlinking them) as there are a few unique ideas between the two of them. Likely though they both could be achieved in a similar fashion.