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Title (Goal)Admin UI - manage controlled vocabularies
Primary ActorAdmin
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)Admin wants to be able to add and edit controlled vocabularies via the Admin UI.


  1. For this use case, we may need to eventually tease apart which "controlled vocabularies" are referred to (and likely it may be multiple). But, to clarify, there are currently two types of "controlled vocabularies" in DSpace:

    1. Managing the dropdowns in the deposit input forms (which overlaps / complements this other use case: Admin UI - Manage input forms).
      1. These are things like the "Type" and "Language" entry boxes on those deposit forms
      2. It could also include adding new dropdowns to deposit forms, obviously.
    2. Managing the controlled vocabularies which are used during "autocomplete" of values in the deposit input forms, which is a bit more complex
      1. This may include managing ORCID information, as it can now be used to autocomplete author names
      2. This would also include managing the out-of-the-box Subject vocabularies (Norwegian Science Index and Swedish Research Subject Categories) which can be enabled to autocomplete the Subject field. More info in the docs at Authority Control of Metadata Values
      3. This may also include adding new formal vocabularies to DSpace (e.g. LCSH, etc), which are not distributed by default with DSpace (usually because we don't have the legal rights to redistribute them).

    I just wanted to note these two types of "controlled vocabularies", as they are different in terms of complexity – #1 seems much less complex to implement than #2, but I can see a need for both eventually in DSpace.

  2. Under this umbrella could be listed also the need to manage local authorities or local cache of external authorities. For instance the list of projects/grants, organisations, laboratories or instrumentations used to produce a dataset, etc.

    Manage here mean that the user should be able to search these authorities to link items to them and manipulate at the appropriate extends (edit, add, remove) the vocabulary terms. This can be currently done in DSpace-CRIS using the DynamicObject that allow the administrator to define new entities from the UI with proper attributes and relationships with other system and custom entities