Contribute to the DSpace Development Fund

The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.


11:00-1:00 Eastern Time


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Leadership Group Members

Lyrasis attendees

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15 minWelcome
  • Welcome
  • Thank you to note-taker


25 minFundraising

Targeted funding accessibility ask with the Development Fund

Total to date: $ 20,000 US

  • TDL $ 5000
  • UMass Chan Medical School $ 2500
  • Lyrasis $ 5000
  • MIT $ 7500

Community communication forthcoming outlining the accessibility funding status, spending strategy, special funding call deadline, submitting tickets, audit requests

310 minFinancials

Quarterly Financial Report: Oct 1, 2023-Dec 31, 2023

Overall, it is positive to FY23-23 budget (financial plan) at half way point of fiscal year.

  • Variances include:
    • Positive for DSpace: service provider fees, membership dues, travel, SCOSS expenses (due to position vacancy), and IDC
    • Negative: SCOSS pledges
425 minDevelopment

DSpace 7

  • Accessibility priorities
    • DSpace Development Fund accessibility campaign funding prioritization approved by Steering:
      1. Creation of more automated accessibility scanning/tests (similar to this PR from Tim: The goal is to have this scanning performed for all pages in DSpace, but it must be added page by page.

        1. As these tests are added, remediation may be required on pages which do not pass the automated tests.
      2. Remediation of existing known accessibility bugs.  This includes any existing issue tickets with the "accessibility" label:
      3. Finally, if funding remains or additional funding is contributed, Steering will use those to hire Deque (or a similar accessibility assessment firm) to perform a new, formal accessibility assessment of DSpace.
  • Accessibility issues can be reported as tickets to be addressed in future releases. If institutions perform accessibility scans, they are welcome to share those results with Tim. But, to ensure issues are resolved more rapidly, we recommend creating tickets.
  • New Accessibility statement

DSpace 8

55 min


620 minBreakouts

State of Repositories

10 minute breakout sessions

  • What do you see affecting open repositories in the next year, and how?
    • AI? Training LLMs? Government mandates and policies (e.g., public access, metadata, PIDs, machine readability). Etc.
  • What should DSpace governance keep an eye on? Where do we need to be at the table?

10 minute report out to group

710 minGovernance
Steering Updates
  • Steering Governance Task Force
    • Members:
      • Maureen, Chair
      • Kristi
      • Scott
      • Erica
      • Pascal
      • Michele
    • Convening March 2024
      • First action: Draft a charge for Steering review
        • Areas of consideration:
          • MOU between Lyrasis and DSpace three-year review
          • Creating DSpace bylaws and operating manuals for Leadership and Steering
          • Creating operating principles and a new code of conduct
          • Codifying election and transition processes
          • Codifying onboarding for new Leadership and Steering members
          • Codifying communications between Steering and Leadership
          • Re-organizing governance documentation
85 minGovernance

Elections for 2024-2025 governance year

  • Leadership Members
  • Vice Chair of Leadership
    • One-year term (November 2024-October 2025)
  • Steering Group Members
    • Three Steering seats up for election after Leadership is seated
    • Three-year terms (November 2024-October 2027)
95 minStaffing
105 minCommunity

DCAT update

1) Theme: Community Engagement
Attendance at monthly meetings: 15-20 people since September, 27 at February meeting

- provide more opportunities for community engagement via DCAT meetings
- orientation to DCAT and community participation
    - how to get involved
    - how to report issues
- proactive communication with national user groups
    - communication gap
- planning and documentation
    - meeting planning, DCAT Vice Chair Paige Morgan (University of Delaware), build sustainability and continuity
    - document processes/procedures for DCAT
    - highlight wiki content of interest to repository managers
    - project charge - steps for feedback and approval

2) DCAT Testathon Preparation Group (Iryna Kuchma EIFL and Priscilla Carmini University of Waterloo) 
- offer collaborative testing sessions

3) DSpace UX Testing led by Erica Johns

* o    Spring 2024 = time to develop tests
* o    Fall 2024 = time to distribute tests to institutions/orgs 
* o    Winter/spring 2025 = synthesize feedback/findings and make recommendations to DSpace dev/leadership

115 minCommunity

IOI Catalog Update - "Infra Finder Tool"

  • Brief update of where things stand
  • Originally aimed to launch in January 2024, now April
125 minCommunity


All, Pascal, Erik
135 minLyrasis


145 minLeadership

Upcoming - future agenda topics

155 minOther businessAOBAll



Fundraising updates

Targeted funding accessibility ask with the Development Fund

Update on financial activities DDF:

  • Launched mini campaign in the fall focused on accessibility compliance for D7 - fund paid development to improve it
  • Prioritised by governance
  • Focus on DSpace 7 but available in DSpace 8 and beyond
  • To date raised 20,000$ via the listed organisations
  • Discussions at Steering taking place re how to best utilise those funds
  • Developing guidance to help institutions contributing to this
  • Special campaign for accessibility contributions ends June 1

Q: How does membership allocation to dedicated/specific work?

A: For new members this is allowed in cases where it helps getting approval at their institutions. Other alternative is for existing members to increase their membership on a one-time basis with the overage earmarked to the development fund.


Quarterly Financial Report: Oct 1, 2023-Dec 31, 2023


  • Overall, it is positive to FY23-23 budget (financial plan) at half way point of fiscal year
  • Fund raising on track for the year
  • SCOSS currently under due to their billing requirements - build up as it has not been used so far (planned to be spent on hiring the community manager)
  • Close to what was estimated for the year; end of the year is where we really get a sense of where we are

Q: Timings on budgeting for next year?

A: Hoping to have a draft for Steering to look at in March


DSpace 7

Accessibility priorities

DSpace Development Fund accessibility campaign funding prioritization approved by Steering:

  • Accessibility priorities: re-prioritisation has taken place (full re-analysis originally planned will be replaced with other activities - development work on fixes and enhancing automated testing in the DSpace app). Unused funding can go to partial/full re-analysis work
  • Plea for institutions conducting internal accessibility audits to share their results, preferably as issue tickets
  • Updated accessibility statement for DSpace will be available soon - revamping it and enhancing documentation (e.g. how to report accessibility issues)
  • Thanks to contributors for their donated fixes that DSpace 8.0 development has received (ported to DSpace 7.x)

DSpace 8.0

  • Work on prioritised main features is going as planned
  • More details available in 8.0 Status page and 8.0 Project board
  • Shift in release schedule to mid-May 2024 due to critical work on major dependency updates for both backend and frontend (Java and angular)
    •    Testathon shifted to April 1-12
  • Importance of emphasising that a lot of (hidden) work in this release has gone into maintenance. Lots of bug fixes also included in this release
  • Ongoing work on testathon documentation is taking place


State of Repositories

Topics suggested by Leadership members:

  • Cyber security
  • Compliance - federal/funder mandates (e.g. open access)
  • Impact tracking - Reporting on repositories
  • Discoverability of repositories
  • Catch up with developments in the Scholarly ecosystem - diamond OA, COAR notify
  • Increased harvesting/indexing/bots affecting performance and statistics
    • Large Language Models (LLMs) training for AI purposes
    • Big performance issues at the infrastructure end. It is not a DSpace software issue
    • Good bots changing behaviours in terms crawl rates
    • Impact of AI Bots
    • Concerns around bots / harvesters not respecting content licensing, CORE was mentioned
  • Expanded uses of repositories, beyond traditional uses such as collection management
  • Increased costs of supporting the repository infrastructure
    • Equity of access
  • Taking advantage of AI technologies
    • AI and accessibility: improving our content in terms of accessibility
    • AI tools: automated metadata translation
  • Enhancing DSpace support for handling large content. Many DSpace repositories are increasingly taking research datasets.


Steering Updates

Steering Governance Task Force

  • First action: Draft a charge for Steering review
  • Push is to codify our procedures and processess and firm up those and transparency around them and communication.
  • Create DSpace bylaws and operating manuals, and principles and code of conduct
  • Clarify elections processes, timelines and transition periods (which have been challenging)
  • Looking at reorganising the governance documents and making sure that there is no duplication and information is consistent
  • The Task Force will submit a charge for Steering review. The work of the Task Force will have built-in feedback and input cycles for Steering and Leadership.

Q: increased transparency (e.g. sharing steering notes more promptly), is that working?

  - Positive feedback, people find those notes useful

  - Part of the governance work is to codify how we communicate


Elections for 2024-2025 governance year

Leadership Members

  • Leadership is one year term (November 2024-October 2025)
  • Vice-chair is one-year position (Nov 2024 - Oct 2025) Call for nominations will go out in the Fall after the new Leadership is seated. Be thinking about self-nominations.
  • Three seats open for Steering after Leadership is constituted (3-year term from Nov 2024) Call for nominations will go out after the new Leadership is seated. Be thinking about self-nominations.

Staffing news

  • Two positions doing searches for:
    • DSpace Coordinator (part time) position: interviews to take place end of February
    • Lyrasis Director of Operations for Community Supported Technologies (CST) position


DCAT update

  • Building up the community and sustainability
  • Improved attendance
  • Primarily from US, Canada and UK, Australia and South America
  • Working out how orientation about DCAT can be develop to help new members
  • Enhancing/pro-active communications with national user groups; ensuring we capture the broad range of perspectives from our user groups
  • Enhancing DCAT web presence
  • Working on a DCAT convenors group
  • Vice-chair appointed to gather topics for meetings, presentations, etc.
  • Improving cascading information to Leadership/Steering. E.g. proposal for the UX Working group is a successful example of this.
  • Moving forward with preps for the Testathon, and there is a working group working on it.
  • UX Working group is getting stater, working on the UX testing schedule.
    • Some Institutions have UX teams at their institution that can help developing the UX test cases

Action: DCAT chair to gather from providers info regarding features to be tested.


IOI Catalog Update - "Infra Finder Tool"

  • Tool that's designed to make it easier to determine what open tools, services and systems could meet an academic library or research institution's infrastructure needs.
  • DSpace is listed in their catalog
  • Launch of the tool is delayed to April 2024
  • Challenges are to ask for comparable information given the differences in nature of the included programmes.



DSpace and Open Repositories

Annual DSpace German User Group Meeting (Praxistreffen) organized by The Library Code will take place in early April in Mainz (Germany)

  • 2 day: talks and workshops; and second day focusing on workshops (DSpace 7 entities)

North American User Group meeting, Sept 23-25, 2024, in , hosted by the University of Minnesota.

  • Have a meeting on years where OR is not the US
  • Sept 23-25, 2024 - hosted by the University of Minnesota.
  • Call for proposals coming up

Other meetings:

  • DSpace Repositories Meeting took place in Switzerland in December with good attendance. Planning to meet again before the summer



  • Lyrasis Board Meeting: board is interested in listening and working more with a broader community outside of just North America. There's representatives from 9 countries in Latin America and 3 in Central America, and chair and vice-chair of Leaderships will be attending remotely.
  • Lyrasis Member Summit: takes place annually and is virtual. Keynote around BRAVE leadership (Bold, Resilient, Adaptable, Vulnerable and Encouraging)


Upcoming - future agenda topics

  • Brainstorming future agenda topics, which could be also raised them via email



Action Items

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