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The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.


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15 minWelcome
  • Welcome
  • Thank you to note-taker


215 minGovernance

DSpace Governance and Organizational Home

  • In the April 24th meeting, Steering discussed the role of Lyrasis (as the organizational home) in DSpace governance with guest John Wilkin, CEO of Lyrasis. John  proposed that Lyrasis not have a vote in DSpace governance due to conflict of interest but stressed a strong ongoing commitment to DSpace. Laurie would continue as the Lyrasis member on Steering and Leadership, but if the change is approved, the Lyrasis seat would move to an ex officio non-voting seat. The Lyrasis voting seat is in the MOU. If this is change is approved, Lyrasis would abstain from any future votes until the MOU is revised, likely in early 2024.

  • Steering voted in support of Lyrasis relinquishing voting seats and moving to an ex officio non-voting seat on Steering and an ex officio non-voting seat on Leadership.
  • Steering recommends that Leadership approve this change.
310 minFinancials

DSpace quarterly financial report (through March 2023) sent via email

  • The fiscal year is July 1- June 30. This report reflects the progress through the 9-month mark of the fiscal year.
  • Variances include:
    • In DSpace’s favor: membership dues (includes onetime donations), fundraising, travel, IDC
    • Negative to DSpace: service provider fees, SCOSS pledges, consultants
  • Overall, we are slightly ahead of revenue expectations overall and slightly below expected expenses.
  • Upcoming: DSpace 7.6 funded development invoices
  • Note, the SCOSS pledges can only be used to support SCOSS staffing goals (Program Coordinator and Junior Developer). That revenue isn’t available for other program activities. Thus, the SCOSS pledges make it appear we have more funds available for all activities than we do.
    • Retained (previous year's) assets: $ 67,000 ($ 39,311 US non SCOSS)
425 minBudget

DSpace Proposed FY23-24 budget sent via email for discussion and Leadership approval

  • Proposed budget approved by Steering April 26
  • Proposed budget document includes the current FY22-23 budget and financials year to date for additional context
  • Budget is a plan; governance can be more or less aggressive
    • consider variables:
      • revenue: membership, RSP program, SCOSS, fundraising, etc.
      • costs: labor, travel, paid development, etc.
510 minFundraising

Fundraising Update

  • SCOSS fundraising
    • New pledge of 250 Euros from CAUL (University of Waikato)
    • New pledge of $ 20,000 US from Jisc (University of Nottingham)
  • Development Fund
    • Ohio State $10,000 (in new fiscal year)
    • DuraSpace Community Supported Programs (Lyrasis): $15,000
    • Cambridge $15,000
    • Cambridge paying 4Science for bulk access management control development work for 7.6
    • Virginia Tech $ 5,000
Kristi, Laurie
610 minGrants

DSpace Grant Work

Michele, Natalie
710-15 min7.x Development

Development Update

  • DSpace 7.6 - Due on Tues, June 20.
  • Expected new features in 7.6
    • Bulk access control management (existed in 6.x)
    • Support for Primary Bitstreams (existed in 6.x)
    • Support for Curation Tasks in submission process (existed in 6.x)
    • Signposting support (to align with COAR Next Generation Repositories recommendations)
    • Upgrade to Angular 15 (latest version)
  • 7.6 will be the final 7.x release which includes new features
    • 8.0 development will begin after 7.6
    • There will be additional 7.x releases after 7.6, but they will be bug/security fix only
85-10 minDCAT

DSpace Community Advisory Team (DCAT) updates

  • New DCAT Chair
    • Kimberly Chapman, Campus Repository Services, University of Arizona Libraries, is the new incoming Chair of DCAT
    • Kimberly's term will begin July 1, 2023.
      • The DCAT Chair is a one year renewable term that follows the DSpace Governance year (November 1 - October 31) but Kimberly has agreed to start a little early.
      • The term for the new Chair this year will be July 1, 2023 - October 31, 2024.
    • If not already a member of Leadership, the DCAT Chair has an ex officio, non-voting seat on DSpace Leadership.
910 minCommunity Events

Community Events updates

Natalie, Michele, Kristi
105 minOpen Repositories

OR2023 June 12-15, 2023, Stellenbosch, South Africa

  • DSpace will be represented by Agustina for the Repository Rodeo
1110 minOther businessUpdates as time permitsAll


1. Welcome

Maureen opens the meeting.

2. Lyrasis

Maureen outlines discussion from DSpace steering meeting (4/24/2023) about DSpace governance and Lyrasis as our organizational home. John Wilkin, Lyrasis CEO, joined the Steering meeting to discuss his vision for the future of Lyrasis and to share his perspective about the appropriate role of the organizational home in DSpace governance. Maureen notes John and Lyrasis' strong ongoing commitment to DSpace. John proposes that Lyrasis refrain from voting to prevent a potential conflict of interest. Within John's proposal, Laurie would the Lyrasis representative on Steering and Leadership with an ex offcio non-voting seat. Steering discussed this, voted, and approved Lyrasis moving into an ex officio non-voting seat on Steering and Leadership.

The shift from voting to non-voting governance member will require a change in the DSpace/Lyrasis MOU. If Leadership approves this proposal, Lyrasis will abstain from voting until the MOU is updated, likely in early 2024. This would follow the regular review cycle of every three years.

Maureen shares that Steering recommends that Leadership approve this proposal. Maureen opened the floor for a discussion for Leadership to consider the proposal.

Leadership discussed the role of Lyrasis in governance, the duality of their role as the organizational home of DSpace and as a service provider with DSpace, and pros and cons of a voting seat.

The role of service providers on Leadership was clarified during the discussion. DSpace Certified Platinum service providers have a voting seat on Leadership. DSpace Certified Gold service providers are eligible for a community-at-large seat on Leadership.  

Maureen invites others to add to the discussion before moving forward in the agenda. Maureen notes that while there is a quorum, there are a few people missing from the meeting and that we will forgo voting now and instead she will send an email to everyone so that missing participants have a chance to also vote. Maureen states that we'll be voting on whether to approve Lyrasis moving to ex officio, non-voting seats on Steering and Leadership.

3. Financials as of March 2023

Laurie presents the financials through March 2023. Laurie reminds the group that a budget is a plan There are remaining expenses for the fiscal year for 7.6 invoices, but not many.

Laurie shares the financials and points out the specific variances.

4. Proposed Budget for 23/24

Maureen: Email with proposed budget approved by Steering on 4/24/2023. Now the budget proposal is brought to Leadership for discussion and approval. The sent budget includes current fiscal year budget and financials year to date. Maureen highlights Laurie's mention that the budget is a plan, and discusses the variables we need to consider. Maureen notes that the 7.6 invoices will be paid out of the current fiscal year.

Maureen asks if there are any adjustments to the current proposed budget that people would like to suggest. Maureen suggests if there are no other comments, questions, or adjustments to the proposed budget for 23/24, that she will share the budget for Leadership vote also through email.

5. Fundraising

Kristi Park shares we've had a  good quarter with fundraising and a number of institutions have really stepped up to support ongoing paid development, really helping to get DSpace 7 over the finish line.

Michele Mennielli discusses DSpace grant work And shares there will be a CORE meeting in Costa Rica next week with a a DSpace upgrade workshop.

6. Development work

Tim Donohue: the agenda captures the majority of updates. Briefly, working on DSpace 7.6, with estimated release date of 6/20/2023. The expected new features focus on feature parity with DSpace 6, bulk access control management is the most significant feature currently being worked on. Also working on adding support for primary bit streams, curation tasks, and the submission process. Other expected additions: adding signposting support to align with the COAR next generation repository recommendations, upgrading to angular 15 for the user interface to stay up to date with the latest version of angular, and bug fixes. Reminder that 7.6 is the final 7.x release that will have new features. After 7.6 we will be planning for DSpace 8 development.

Tim welcomes contributions to improve the DSpace technical documentation as people work through challenges and gaps in documentation.

7. DCAT update

Maureen is stepping down from the chair role on DCAT and Kimberly Chapman (University of Arizona) will be her successor, starting July 1, 2023. If DCAT chair is not already a member of DSpace leadership, they have an ex officio, non-voting seat on DSpace Leadership so that there is a connection between DCAT and governance.

There have been two webinar/presentations by 4Science and Atmire recently with lots of participation.

8. Community Events

Michele Mennielli: COAR Costa Rica event with DSpace7 workshop (first DSpace workshop in Spanish). The meeting will be streamed- they will send a link.

Tim Donohue: there will be a Q&A approximately a month after the 7.6 release for the community, no set date but likely in July. Because many people travel in July, the event will be recorded. 

Kristi Park: the Texas Digital library is having their annual Texas conference on digital licenses next week and there will be several space-focused events.

Maureen: For Open Repositories, Augustina will represent DSpace in the Repository Rodeo.