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 from 14:00-15:00 UTC

Location: (Meeting ID: 502 527 3040).

Beta 4 Sprint : July 13-24


  • (BEFORE MEETING IN #dev-sprint) Developer Stand Up - Developers give brief updates on their effort (or their team's effort).

    • Update/see "Current Work" section below based on your status. Please feel free to update prior to meeting.
    • Please highlight any new work (needing reviews/testing), any blockers (for you), and any discussion topics you may have.
  • (20 mins) General Discussion Topics
    1. New GitHub Issues Workflow walkthrough for team
      1. New Issues Templates for either "Bug report" or "Feature Request". For example:
        1. Either option will label the new issue as `needs triage`.
      2. New GitHub Action/Workflow (issue_opened.yml) will automatically add any newly created issue labeled `needs triage` (or unlabeled) to our DSpace Backlog board.
      3. NOTE: A second GitHub Action/Workflow (pull_request_opened.yml) automatically assigns newly created PRs to the creator.  This is just for easier filtering on Project Boards (in general) that you can filter by "assignee" to see all PRs and Issues assigned to the same person.
      4. These same actions/settings have been copied to all DSpace 7 projects (DSpace, dspace-angular and Rest7Contract)
    2. New Estimate labels
      1. Appear like (e/2) for an estimate of 2 hours.
      2. Chrome extension will total up the hours in a column:
    3. A brief reminder
  • (30 mins) Planning for next week


7.0 Release Goals

These resources define the prioritization and general schedule we are working towards

Current Work

Project Board

DSpace 7.0 Beta 4 Project Board:

To quickly find PRs assigned to you for review, visit  (This is also available in the GitHub header under "Pull Requests → Review Requests"

Delayed / Needs Discussion

  1. Finalize / approve the initial list of all authorization features which we should implement for the /api/authz/features REST endpoint.  This list of features should be limited to only features which are required to enable/disable User Interface functionality. (In other words, we can always add more features in the future.  We just need to approve the list necessary for 7.0)
  2. Proposal from Art Lowel (Atmire)on enhancing object cache in Angular UI.
  3. Initial Performance Testing from Chris.  Needs revisiting / retesting prior to 7.0. 
    2. These performance tests were run prior to the work on "projections" (to limit the data returned by the REST API).  Therefore, it is likely performance is much improved, but needs verification testing.
  4. (REST Contract) Edit Homepage News:
    1. Delayed. General agreement (in meeting on March 21, 2019) that storing HTML in metadata fields is not really ideal behavior.  Metadata (from a librarian standpoint) tends to be free of format-related markup (as that allows for easier sharing, understanding of metadata.  Currently Community & Collection homepage information is HTML-based and is stored in metadata that is appropriate for a minor subset of information (like the title) but it is better to move large/rich text to bitstreams.  
    2. Proposal here is to consider storing HTML-based markup (for Site, Community & Collection homepages) in Bitstream(s) associated with the object in question.  May allow for more CMS-lite behavior in the future
    3. Timeline for this is uncertain.  Possibly in 7 or 8. May depend on how/whether it can be scoped.