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 from 15:00-16:00 UTC  (At end of March, this meeting will switch to 14:00 UTC)

Location: (Meeting ID: 502 527 3040).


  • (15 mins) Developer Stand Up - Developers give brief updates on their effort (or their team's effort).

    • Update/see "Current Work" section below based on your status. Please feel free to update prior to meeting.
    • Please highlight any new work (needing reviews/testing), any blockers (for you), and any discussion topics you may have.
  • (30 mins) General Discussion Topics
    1. Search UI Facet Issues:
    2. Edit Homepage News:
      1. Reporting back on implementation suggestions/ideas.  Do we implement as metadata on the Site object (similar to Community/Collection news sections)? Do we implement in a different manner?
    3. (add a discussion topic)
  • (15 mins) Planning for next week


Current Work

Legend for status icons

(blue star) = Highest Priority tasks (please prioritize these reviews/tasks over others). Currently this lists tasks/features that need to be completed for Preview Release.

(error) = review done (this week), changes were requested.

(tick) = review done, approved.

(warning) = review done, merge conflict or other minor changes requests

Tickets / PRs In Progress

  1. (Angular) Adding Accessibility via Travis CI (work in progress) (Lower priority)
  2. (blue star) (Angular) MyDSpace UI (work in progress) (Timeline: Should be ready by Feb 28, delayed  5th Marchdelayed  12th March due to sub optimal Search implementation, need to run against the updated MyDSpace REST API PR - Blocked until discussion around the MyDSpace Endpoint is solved see 2312 and
  3. (REST Contract) Edit Homepage news: (Ben Bosman  - has outstanding questions/comments) (Lower priority)
  4. (blue star) (REST) MyDSpace Endpoint (Andrea Bollini (4Science) Early Reviewers: Ben BosmanTim Donohue  (everything in place, first review comments answered, ITs provided on the 3rd March ) on the 4Science repo against the 2312 PR
  5. (REST) Updating Owning Collections: (Kevin Van de Velde (Atmire)  - changes requested. Implementation doesn't align with contract) (Timeline: Should be ready a week after the entities are merged)
  6. (REST) Item Mapper functionality:  (Kevin Van de Velde (Atmire)  - changes requested. Implementation doesn't align with contract) (Timeline: Should be ready a week after the entities are merged)
  7. (Angular) Improve Search Performance: There are too many unnecessary re-renders on the search page, and that slows it down significantly (Timeline: March 28th)

PRs Needing Review

  1. (warning) (REST Contract) Group and eperson management: (Waiting on updates from Ben Bosman )
  2. (blue star) (REST Contract) Configurable Entities (Part 1 - Architecture & Display): (Mark H. Wood - approved., Paulo Graça  - approved)
  3. (attenzione) (blue star) (REST) Workflow Endpoint: (Tim Donohue , Ben Bosman Re-reviewed and additional feedback added., All change requests implemented - answers provided also for latest feedbacks) 
  4. (warning) (REST) EPerson profile PATCH functionality : (Andrea Bollini (4Science) , Tim Donohue .  This PR currently has merge conflicts & has outstanding feedback from Tom Desair)
  5. (blue star) (REST) Configurable Entities (Part 1 - Architecture & Display): (NEW PR, Tom Desair reviewed, Paulo Graça )
  6. (blue star) (Angular) Submission implementation:  (Art Lowel (Atmire) , Paulo Graça - will re-review latest changes, Tim Donohue . All change requests implemented, needs final approval
  7. (warning) (Angular) Transfer to .po message format - Initial PR: (Paulo Graça - changes requested, Tim Donohue , Art Lowel (Atmire)  - requested updates. Currently failing build.)
  8. (blue star) (Angular) Configurable Entities (Part 1 - Architecture & Display): (NEW PR, Paulo Graça )
  9. (Backend) One Webapp Backend - Initial PR: (Ben Bosman , Mark H. Wood , Terrence W Brady )
    1. This PR will have a follow-up PR to rename the "dspace-spring-rest" webapp to "dspace-server" and update all URL configurations
  10. (Backend) Upgrading Solr Server for DSpace - Initial PR: (Terrence W Brady , Kim Shepherd , Art Lowel (Atmire)(READY TO MERGE!)
    1. Might have an impact on MyDSpace PR (See "In Progress" section)?
    2. Docker changes to merge after this PR is merged:
  11. (Andrea Bollini (4Science)Giuseppe Digilio (4Science)Tim DonohueBen Bosman)

  12. Performance Testing bug: (Terrence W Brady )
  13. (Angular) Search performance optimizations: (Giuseppe Digilio (4Science) ) 
  14. (Angular) Bootstrap security update: (Giuseppe Digilio (4Science) )

PRs Merged this week!

  1. (tick) (Angular) Context sensitive admin menus (Paulo Graça - approved, Tim Donohue - approved)
  2. (tick) (blue star) (Docker)


  1. (Angular) Move Item Component:
    1. Blocked by DSpace PR#2283
  2. (Angular) Item-Collection Mapper:
    1. Blocked by DSpace PR#2282


  1. (REST) Scripts & Processes endpoint:
  2. Concurrency in DSpace 7 (or 8).  What do we want to do when multiple editors are editing the same object?  Needs further analysis regarding implementation details
    1. We've decided (in meeting on March 7, 2019) to use ETags to implement concurrency. REST Contract notes on ETags:
    2. ETags only update of the two fields match. If someone edits first, your edit would fail and you would get a fail response (422?)
    3. ETags seems to have broader support in other REST APIs.  Recommended also by both Art and Andrea.

Priorities for Preview Release

As discussed in previous DSpace 7 meetings, our DSpace 7 Preview release is aimed for end of March, followed by a Beta in May (before OR2019).  The top priorities for the Preview Release are (in this order):

  1. Submission & Workflow UI / backend
  2. Configurable Entities (from DSpace 7 Entities Working Group)
  3. Upgrading Solr Server for DSpace (not required for Preview, as there's no user facing features. However, the earlier we feel comfortable merging this effort the better)


  • Chris Wilper has begun Performance Testing of DSpace 7.  Follow along or join in at:
  • Discussion Topic: Search UI Facet Issues:

    • Art has seen Andrea's latest comment.  Thinks the direction sounds reasonable, but needs more analysis on the Angular side to ensure there's no side-effects

    • Art will analyze & report back on the ticket itself.  If needed, we can always re-discuss next week
  • Discussion Topic: Edit Homepage News:
    • High level summary:  Should we store HTML "news" sections (for Site, Community & Collection) in metadata (as they are currently)?  Or should we treat the HTML parts as HTML bitstreams?
    • Does HTML in metadata matter all that much?
      • Tim notes that it tends to be a best practice for librarians to keep formatting markup out of metadata.  It clutters the metadata and makes it harder to understand or share with others (via OAI-PMH or similar).  It also can be unclear what the markup means unless you assume it is a standard format like HTML or similar.
      • General agreement among those in attendance that HTML in metadata is not ideal. 
    • Andrea notes that some fields are metadata though. Like the Site name or Community/Collection name.  Yes, some of these fields can be treated like metadata, but other parts of homepages (HTML especially) are hard to treat as metadata.
    • Atmire (Ben & Lieven) will come back with a proposal / list of options for moving these ideas forward after the Preview Release.  
    • Currently, it's unclear if we'll solve this all in DSpace 7 or wait for 8.  But, we have a general consensus that the current solution (HTML in metadata) is problematic for the long term.
  • Discussion (from Standup): How to move forward Workflow Endpoint:
    • We should solve the security issues noted by Kevin now.  It's not ideal to have security issues in "master" if we already know how to solve them. 
  • Upcoming schedule
    • Preview Release timeline is now first few weeks of April (reported to Steering yesterday).  We are looking pretty good for that schedule if we can get all the blue star (blue star) items reviewed by end of March (or first week of April)
  • Tim is out of the office next Monday & Tuesday (March 25-26).  Will return on Weds.