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Daylight Saving Time began on March 8 for parts of USA

Daylight Saving Time (DST) starts in parts of the USA on March 8, but starts in Europe on March 29.  Because DST begins on different days in different parts of the world, this meeting time will change (temporarily) for anyone who experiences DST earlier. 

The meeting will remain at 15:00-16:00 UTC through March, but this will now be one hour later for anywhere under DST.

As of April 2, once everyone is in DST, the meeting time will switch to 14:00-15:00 UTC (one hour earlier), in order to move it back into the normal timeslot for everyone.


 from 15:00-16:00 UTC

Location: (Meeting ID: 502 527 3040).

Beta 2 & 3 Sprint : March 2-13



7.0 Release Goals

These resources define the prioritization and general schedule we are working towards

Current Work

Legend for status icons

(blue star) = Highest Priority tasks (please prioritize these reviews/tasks over others).

(error) = review done, changes were requested or bugs found.

(tick) = review done, approved.

(warning) = review done, merge conflict or other minor changes requests

1 APPROVAL = pull request only requires a single approval to merge.  This is generally reserved for PRs which are either smaller, obvious, and/or bug fixes with tests to prove they work.  

Claim a Ticket!

If you do not have access in JIRA or GitHub to officially claim the ticket you wish to work on, contact Tim Donohue

PRs Needing Review

  1. (REST Contract) related to the scripts & processes PR above (related to PR 2648 below) (Andrea Bollini (4Science) - (error) REVIEWEDTim Donohue )
  2. (NEW) (REST Contract) Login-as using WWW-Authenticate (Andrea Bollini (4Science) initial feedback - NEEDS SECOND REVIEWERS)
  3. (NEW) (REST Contract) CC License (Andrea Bollini (4Science) - (error) REVIEWED, NEEDS SECOND REVIEWER)
  4. (REST) (beta4) Scripts & processes: importing and exporting csv's ((warning)WAITING ON PR UPDATES) (Andrea Bollini (4Science) - (error) REVIEWEDTim Donohue - added summary of way forward Mark H. Wood  )
  5. (blue star) (REST) Shibboleth authentication (Paulo Graça - REREVIEW, Ben Bosman   - (warning) minor comments/suggestions)
  6. (blue star) (REST) DS-4043 Revisit security layer of submission (Tim Donohue - (warning) minor comments/suggestions, Ben Bosman (warning) minor comments/suggestions)
  7. (blue star) (REST) Initial implementation of the authorizations endpoints (Ben Bosman - (warning) minor comments/suggestions, Tim Donohue - feedback added, bugs found)
  8. (blue star) (REST) Read only versioning endpoints 1 APPROVAL (Tim Donohue - (warning) tested & it works. Minor feedback added. OTHER REVIEWERS WELCOME)
  9. (blue star) (REST) (HIGH PRIORITY) Manage Groups - - DS-4026 1 APPROVAL(Tim Donohue - (warning) feedback provided, waiting to retest)
  10. (blue star) (REST) DS-4278: Fix bug where submitters can edit all metadata : (MERGE ONCE TRAVIS APPROVES)  1 APPROVAL((tick) Tim Donohue)
  11. (blue star) (NEW) (REST) DS-4122 Create Integration Tests to prove access restricted Communities/Collections cannot be accessed anonymously (Tim Donohue, Ben Bosman )
  12. (NEW) (REST) [DS-4281]: Metadata suggestions in the live import (Tim DonohueAndrea Bollini (4Science))
  13. (blue star) (Angular) Shibboleth authentication (merge with REST PR #2651) (Paulo GraçaBen Bosman (warning) minor comments/suggestions)
  14. (blue star) (Angular) (beta 2) Edit Item Bitstreams Tab Donohue (warning) Reported errors & feedback on code, Giuseppe Digilio (4Science))
  15. (blue star) (Angular) (beta 2) List versions - - (Tim Donohue - (warning) Reported built errors, NEEDS SECOND REVIEWER)
  16. (blue star) (Angular) (beta 2) Notice regarding the availability of new version on item pages: - (Tim Donohue - (warning) Reported built errors, NEEDS SECOND REVIEWER)
  17. (blue star) (Angular) (beta 2) Manage EPeople (depends on #2686) (Tim Donohue - (warning) Missing specs and a few minor bugs, Ben Bosman (warning) minor comments/suggestions)
  18. (Angular)(beta 3) Ensure workflow members can only perform actions assigned (CODE CONFLICTS) (Giuseppe Digilio (4Science)Tim DonohueArt Lowel (Atmire))
  19. (NEW) (Angular) Cache behavior for unknown type 1 APPROVAL(Tim Donohue)
  20. (blue star) (NEW) (Angular) (beta2) Manage Groups (Tim Donohue, NEEDS SECOND REVIEWER)
  21. (NEW) (Angular) (beta3) Administrative Search (depends on PR 2706) (Ben BosmanTim Donohue)
  22. (Backend) DS-626 : Exchange usage data with IRUS (NEEDS REVIEWERS)
  23. (Backend) (beta 3) Discovery index for private and withdrawn items ( ((tick) Andrea Bollini (4Science) , Tim Donohue )
  24. (Backend) (tentative 7.2) DS-4440 GDPR - Anonymize Statistics Feature: (Andrea Bollini (4Science)Ben BosmanTim Donohue)
  25. (NEW) (Backend) Upgrade to Checkstyle v8.30 (Security Fix) : (Andrea Bollini (4Science)NEEDS SECOND REVIEWER)

PRs Coming Soon

  1. DS-4411 (+ analysis: list of existing test method by endpoint that verify such aspect ). ETA 16/3 - should be reviewed soon as the analysis will become quickly "old"

PRs Merged this week!

  1. (tick) (REST Contract) Projections embedding (related to PR 2670 below)
  2. (tick) (REST Contract) Administer Workflow
  3. (tick) (REST Contract) Group/EPerson management continued
  4. (tick) (blue star) (REST) Select specific embeds: 1 APPROVAL
  5. (tick) (REST) (beta 3) Expose the action as an embed on claimedtasks 1 APPROVAL 
  6. (tick) (REST) (beta 3) Workflow step definitions: action validation
  7. (tick) (blue star) (Angular) (beta 2) Specify Embeds (merge with REST PR #2670) - - 1 APPROVAL
  8. (tick) (Angular) Bug fix: Disregard embeds when checking request index:


  1. (Blocked PRs go here)

Delayed / Needs Discussion

  1. Managing Authorization info in Angular UI How to pass Authorization rights (i.e. logged in user's access rights) from REST API to Angular?  See for example:
    1. In July 25 meeting, we noted this probably cannot be resolved with just one simple solution. May need to look at different options for different scenarios
    2. Work is ongoing, but has been started in these areas:
      1. Summary of ideas: REST Authorization 
      2. Contract for Authorization Endpoints:
      3. Contract for ResourcePolicies:
  2. Initial Performance Testing from Chris.
  3. (REST Contract) Edit Homepage News:
    1. Delayed. General agreement (in meeting on March 21, 2019) that storing HTML in metadata fields is not really ideal behavior.  Metadata (from a librarian standpoint) tends to be free of format-related markup (as that allows for easier sharing, understanding of metadata.  Currently Community & Collection homepage information is HTML-based and is stored in metadata that is appropriate for a minor subset of information (like the title) but it is better to move large/rich text to bitstreams.  
    2. Proposal here is to consider storing HTML-based markup (for Site, Community & Collection homepages) in Bitstream(s) associated with the object in question.  May allow for more CMS-lite behavior in the future
    3. Timeline for this is uncertain.  Possibly in 7 or 8. May depend on how/whether it can be scoped.
  4. (warning) (Angular Bug) ( Art Lowel (Atmire) )
  5. Concurrency in DSpace 7 (or 8).  What do we want to do when multiple editors are editing the same object?  Needs further analysis regarding implementation details
    1. We've decided (in meeting on March 7, 2019) to use ETags to implement concurrency. REST Contract notes on ETags:
    2. ETags only update of the two fields match. If someone edits first, your edit would fail and you would get a fail response (422?)
    3. ETags seems to have broader support in other REST APIs.  Recommended also by both Art and Andrea.