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Date & Location

 at 16:00 UTC (11:00am EDT)


Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:  (Meeting ID: 502 527 3040)


Actual attendee list will be updated after meeting.




Any additional topics to today's agenda?

220minUpdates on OpenAIRE v4

Initial presentation: 

Review of document:

Mainly focus on Annex 6 and Annex 7

Define DSpace 7 and OpenAIRE 4 concept (default fields + openaire 4 fields ? OR duplicate/ignore duplicate fields when importing metadata fields) 

Discuss future steps (new files: openaire4-entity-types.xml; openaire4-relationship-types.xml) + demo

Jose and Paulo
315minWorking to finalize task list for DSpace 7 Estimation Process
  • Review our updated Task List
    • Filter out tasks that are "out of scope" for DSpace 7 (likely in DSpace 8 or beyond)
    • Define/scope/subdivide tasks that we want to estimate for DSpace 7.0 inclusion
  • Looking for additional volunteers to help with estimation of tasks!
  • Tim to report back on whether he can be the secondary estimator on all tasks.
410minsWrap-up and Assigning tasks
  • Assign tasks / PRs to review (as needed)
  • Next meeting is Tues, Nov 5

Current Work

Legend for status icons

(blue star) = Highest Priority tasks (please prioritize these reviews/tasks over others). These are tasks with lots of dependencies

(error) = review done, changes were requested or bugs found.

(tick) = review done, approved.

(warning) = review done, merge conflict or other minor changes requests

1 APPROVAL = pull request only requires a single approval to merge.  This is generally reserved for PRs which are either smaller, obvious, and/or bug fixes with tests to prove they work.  

Tickets to Resolve

PRs Needing Review

  1. (REST Contract) Metadata suggestions in the live import (Paulo Graça - suggests to split in 2, Tim Donohue - added questions/feedback)
  2. (REST) Entities bug-fixes in place management (Chris WilperTim DonohuePaulo Graça) May just need one approval
  3. (REST) Feature: external sources (Paulo Graça, Tim Donohue )
  4. (NEW) (REST) Entities: configuring whether name variants should be used (Paulo GraçaTim Donohue)
  5. (Angular) Item page entities changes/refactoring (Paulo Graça (tick) , Tim Donohue - quick review)
  6. (Angular) Name variants on item pages 1 APPROVAL  (Paulo Graça (tick)Tim Donohue - quick review)

PRs Merged this week!

  1. (tick) (REST) Ds 4224 paginated methods for relationships
  2. (tick) (REST Contract) Entities: Creating an archived item from an external source

Task List

This task list has been updated as of our meeting on Oct 22, 2019.  The tasks are numbered for easy reference, but are not necessarily listed in priority order.  During this meeting we worked to re-summarize current work status so that we can align this task list with the DSpace 7 Estimation Process (and as such, estimate any we feel should be considered for 7.0 release).  NOTE: Keep in mind, just because a task is listed here does NOT guarantee it will be completed for DSpace 7.  Some of these tasks may need to be delayed for a future release.

Legend for status icons

(tick) = task considered "completed" (unless bugs or issues are later found)

(warning) = task is incomplete or has further work to be done.

(question) = task that may be delayed or postponed for after 7.0.

  1. (tick) Metadata schemas for Entity types (DS-4223). 
    1. REST: , Angular:
    2. Early Docs / Notes:
  2. (warning) (Minor refactor) Decide which metadata field should be used to store Entity Type (DS-4184).  Currently, it is stored in "relationship.type".
  3. (tick) Creating Relations (between Entities) with CSV Batch Import 
    1. REST: and and
    2. Early Docs / Notes:
  4. (tick) Permissions on Relations (between Entities)
    1. Discussed on Aug 6 
    2. Early Docs / Notes:
  5. Deleting Entities that have existing relations
    1. (tick) Deletion action itself:
      1. REST Contract: , REST: , Angular:
      2. Early Docs / Notes:
    2. (warning) Copy virtual metadata from deleted entity to related entity
      1. REST Contract:
      2. In implementation (REST API and Angular)
  6. (tick) Dynamic display of Relations
    1. Early Docs / Notes:
    2. (warning) May require usability improvements (NEEDS DISCUSSION)
  7. Submission Integration Tasks
    1. (tick) Creating new Entities using Submission Forms
      1. REST:
      2. Early Docs / Notes:
    2. (warning) Creating relations between two Entities during Submission process
      1. Contract: , REST:
      2. In Implementation (Angular)
      3. Early Docs / Notes:
    3. (warning) Search External Sources (includes ORCID integration with Entities)
      1. REST Contract: (in review)
      2. REST: (in review)
      3. In Implementation (REST API and Angular)
    4. (warning) Convert External Sources to an Entity
      1. If an Admin: Contract under review:
      2. If a Submitter: Contract under review:
  8. Name Variants
    1. (warning) Create name variants in submission
      1. In Implementation (REST API and Angular)
    2. (tick) Display name variants on Item pages (Angular)
  9. (warning) OpenAIRE v4 implementation (using Entities)
    2. Early PR expected in the next week or so.  This initial work will be configuration only (no new code). 
    3. Possible need for a follow-up PR to implement improvements to OAI-PMH to support OpenAIRE v4.
  10. (warning) How to display related items on an Item page if that related item is still in workflow approval
    1. TODO: Needs proposal.  Early idea is to simply display the related item as plain text metadata (until approved).
  11. (warning) Edit Item page integration
    1. TODO: Needs proposal.  How to display relationships on "edit metadata" tab.  How to add relationships on "relationships" tab
  12. (question) Relations in AIP Backup & Restore
    1. Discussed on Oct 15
    2. Proposal:
  13. (question) Creating Relations in SAF Import (might be postponed for a future release)
    1. Requires AIP Backup & Restore
    2. Proposal:
  14. (question) SWORD integration (might be postponed for a future release)
    1. Requires AIP Backup & Restore, as SWORD uses the same crosswalks / format as AIP.
    2. Proposal:
  15. (question) Best Practices around Entities in Collections (NOT: this may just be early documentation).  We've suggested in the Preview Release to structure Collections based on Entity Type (Person Collection, Projects Collection, etc).  We should better document and formalize these best practices. 
    1. Should we eventually consider hiding these Collections which only serve to store Entity Types?


  • Discussion of OpenAIRE v4 updates.
    • Jose presented this slidedeck (first 5 slides are the new updates):
    • Some discussion around whether we should have separate "relationship-types.xml" and "schema.xml" (entity-types.xml) files specific to OpenAIRE
      • Tim notes that we might want to see if we can just update/use the core Entity "relationship-types.xml", if possible.   We need to determine though if there's significant overlap
      • For now, this approach seems good enough for a PR.  Once we see the PR, we might be able to more easily determine whether OpenAIRE needs custom configs, or if it can be added into the core Entities around Author Profiles / Publications.
  • Discussion of Task List
    • Tim updated our list in this Wiki agenda based on last week's meeting
    • Lieven has internal estimates for the remaining tasks (except OpenAIRE and #12-15, which might be delayed).  See entities-task-list.pages.pdf
      • The top 7 tasks in this list have been subtotaled, as these are tasks that are already in progress – and that is the effort remaining in each task.  They total about 38 days of effort for 1 FTE.
      • The bottom 4 tasks have not been started, and perhaps could be candidates to move to the DSpace 7 Working Group meetings and/or reprioritize (as necessary)
    • Atmire feels these estimates are accurate.  We can at least use them as draft estimates for now, and check with Leadership / Governance if we need to do a more thorough estimation
  • Assigned PRs and closed out meeting.  Next week we'll touch base again on OpenAIREv4 – hopefully there will be an early PR to discuss.
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