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  • Pascal-Nicolas Becker (The Library Code) 

  • Allan Bell (University of British Columbia Library) 

  • John Butler (University of Minnesota)
  • David Corbly (University of Oklahoma)

  • Lieven Droogmans (Atmire)
  • Federico Ferrario / Roberto Suardi (Cineca)

  • Scott Hanrath (University of Kansas) 

  • Barbara Hirschmann (ETH Zurich) 
  • Jyrki Ilva (National Library of Finland)

  • Salwa Ismail (Georgetown University)
  • Inba Kehoe (University of Victoria)(star)
  • Pierre Lasou (Université Laval)

  • Agustina Martinez Garcia (University of Cambridge)

  • Joao Mendes Moreira (Foundation of Science and Technology Portugal)

  • Susanna Mornati (4Science)

  • César Olivares (CONCYTEC)
  • Jere Odell (Indiana University Purdue University Indiana)

  • Kristi Park (Texas Digital Library)

  • Jordan Piščanc (University of Trieste)

  • Beate Rajski (Hamburg University of Technology)
  • Maureen Walsh (The Ohio State University Libraries)

  • Andrew Weaver (Washington State University Libraries)

  • Tim Donohue - DuraSpace 

  • Heather Greer Klein - DuraSpace
  • Michele Mennielli - DuraSpace 
  • Erin Tripp - DuraSpace

The (star) represents who will be taking notes for a given meeting. It rotates after each meeting to the next person in the attendee list.


Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:  (Meeting ID: 996 319 0968)

  • Or via Telephone: Dial (for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location): 
    • USA: +1 669 900 6833 or +1 408 638 0968 or +1 646 876 9923 
    • Australia: +61 (0) 2 8015 2088 
    • Belgium: +32 (0) 2 588 4188 
    • Brazil: +55 11 4680 6788 or +55 21 3958 7888 
    • Canada: +1 647 558 0588 
    • Czech Republic: +420 2 2888 2388
    • Finland: +358 (0) 9 4245 1488
    • France: +33 (0) 1 8288 0188 
    • Germany: +49 (0) 30 3080 6188 
    • Ireland: +353 (0) 1 691 7488
    • Italy: +39 069 480 6488 
    • Netherlands: +31 (0) 20 241 0288
    • New Zealand: +64 (0) 4 831 8959 or +64 (0) 9 801 1188 
    • Norway: +47 2396 0588
    • Portugal: +351 308 804 188 
    • Spain: +34 91 198 0188
    • United Kingdom: +44 (0) 20 3695 0088 
    • Additional international numbers available at







110MoU update

Awaiting LYRASIS review and feedback. 

Erin - update on MOU; Big shout out to Salwa, Leivan, and Pascal for their help.

Pending action items that have been now addressed:

  • 4th tenet of agreement - was redundant with section 2 #2. So removed
  • LYRASSIS needs to review the agreement
  • LYRASSIS uses July 1-June 30 time period. May want us to switch to this.
  • Have approval from NY Attorney General.
  • Erin to review contracts wtih LYRASSIS soon.

Jyrki - Who will sign it.

Erin - Typically Chair of Leadership Group signs the agreement. In Salwa’s absence we’ll ask an interim person to sign from the DSpace group. Not the intent for the person to take on liability. Erin will wants an opportunity to talk to the person to explain - the intent is not to take on personal liability; it is a non binding agreement; but a role and responsibilities agreement.

ACTION - for discussion at next Steering Comm

Tim: Will governance be finalized by July

Michele: Nominations will be closed by mid-June. Goal to have everything in place by end of June. Have to have a Leadership group by end of July to elect the chair. May not be able to elect the chair in time.

Erin: Need to look at managing expectations due to individual's activities due to conferences, etc.

Cesar - Is there any inconvenience to signing the MOU directly with LYRASSIS without previously signing with DuraSpace in the first place?

Erin - Draft of agreement has been done with Duraspace with a review of the template by LYRASSIS. They didn't have any issues with it. Waiting for final approval. Review of MOU is in queue with approvals for other operational processes.

25Update on nomination to the LG

Michele provided an update on the nominations to the LG

Have 6 nominations and open till end of next week and reminders will be sent

Will reach out to gold and platinum members for nominees

Seats open for elections by level:

  • Bronze - 1 seat every 8 members (4 seats open)
  • Silver - 1 seat every 4 members (2 seats open)
  • Gold - 1 seat every 1 members (8 seats open)
  • Platinum - 1 seat per member -  (4 seats open)
  • + 2 from Community-at-Large
315Update on DSpace 7

Tim congratulated team on preview release in May. Had positive feedback about the features.

  • Been a huge effort that has gone into this. Have the largest release in DSpace history.
  • Great contributions from 14 institutions. Code reviews and working groups, etc.
  • Next preparation is for open repository
  • Next: looking at estimations for beta from several developers point of view. There still may be bugs or performance issues. Will run organized sprints to get from preview to beta
  • Gap between preview to beta should be shorter time frame
  • Have done a lot of automated testing built in.

Cesar - Do you need help with translations from the wider community?

Tim - Already have some happening; trying to standardize the practice a bit more and then will get translators involved. Have a wiki page with some information, but will have further updates after open repositories meeting.

415Steering composition

Here is the link to the document we used last year for the Steering nominations:

Michele -

Every year a 1/3 of steering will rotate out. Leaders are elected for 1 year. Steering committee elected for 3 years. Having ongoing discussions on how to do structure and move forward.

Jyrki - Since the group was set up last year. Agreed that 3 would step down but didn’t make it clear who will step down. Salwa has moved to another organization. Pascal is also ready to step down. Don’t have a third person yet.

  • Jyrki was chair for one year.
  • Need a method to find the third person if nobody volunteers.
  • Please send feedback if you have any ideas.

Michele - hoping that most members will be in Leadership group next year. Important to have continuity

  • Leadership group will be nominated in July. This group will nominate members to Steering Comm.
  • Steering meets a little more often - every other week; will have more opportunities to coordinate different WG and initiatives and report back to Leaders.
  • There were some conversations about the conversations about the role of service providers in Steering Comm last year. May want to readdress this issue before election to Steering.
  • Good opportunity to learn about how this group works.

Michele and Jyrki are available for consultation.

510Update on the international activities 

(DSpace/Google Scholar webinar and LA Referencia)

  • Organizing a series of webinars in collaboration with Google Scholar. Goal to provide specific recommendations to configure Dspace indexing for other regions.
  • Already run webinars for national nodes; in Brazil, Germany, Latin America and have been successful. To create user groups in each of these regions.
  • Today going to run a 3rd webinar in Argentina. They have created a user group to support collaboration.
  • Next steps: Working in countries in India, Spain, Ukraine, Planning webinars and the creation of user group communities in all these countries.
  • The coordinator from each group promote the webinars, run in their language, use the wiki as a resource for the community. They are well attended and run in the native language. Usually have more than a 100 people attending.
  • Governance should monitor this growth and engaging with these community
  • If you are interested in running a webinar or supporting the creation of a user group in your country let Michele know.
  • The group in Latin American – quite similar to OpenAire/DSpace which has MOU. They are interested in this as well. They use similar standards as OpenAire. Met with them at COAR meeting. They want to be more involved in activities and technical aspects of DSpace 7
  • Met with the President of the group and they would like a strategic partnership with DuraSpace, the technical side, etc. So, we might work with an MOU with then with the timeline of November when they will be having a meeting.

Cesar - this is great news for Peru. There are statistics to show that most DSpace user groups are in Latin America. 85% use Dspace.

65Other business

Jyrki – update from Open Repositories. 558 registered people. A record for the conference.

Tim - Reception at meeting at Open Repositories

Michele - would be nice to have a list of attendees:

  • PT delegates Paulo Lopes and José Carvalho
  • 4Science delegates: Susanna Mornati, Andrea Bollini, Claudio Cortese, Giuseppe Digilio
  • UniTS: Jordan Piščanc
  • TUHH: Beate Rajski

Michele - please to have chaired this Leadership group and looking forward to the first meeting of the next Leadership Group.




  1. Update on nomination to the LG

  2. Update on DSpace 7
  3. Steering composition
  4. Update on the international activities
  5. MoU update
  6. Other business
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