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at 10:00am EDT


  • Pascal-Nicolas Becker (The Library Code)

  • Allen Bell (University of British Columbia Library)

  • John Butler (University of Minnesota)
  • David Corbly (University of Oklahoma)

  • Lieven Droogmans (Atmire)
  • Federico Ferrario / Roberto Suardi (Cineca)

  • Scott Hanrath (University of Kansas)

  • Barbara Hirschmann (ETH Zurich)
  • Jyrki Ilva (National Library of Finland)

  • Salwa Ismail (Georgetown University)
  • Inba Kehoe (University of Victoria)
  • Pierre Lasou (Université Laval)

  • Agustina Martinez Garcia (University of Cambridge)

  • Joao Mendes Moreira (Foundation of Science and Technology Portugal)

  • Susanna Mornati (4Science)

  • Kristi Palmer (Indiana University Purdue University Indiana)

  • Kristi Park (Texas Digital Library)

  • Jordan Piščanc (University of Trieste)

  • Maureen Walsh (The Ohio State University Libraries)

  • Andrew Weaver (Washington State University Libraries)

  • Tim Donohue - DuraSpace (star)

  • Michele Mennielli - DuraSpace 
  • Kristi Searle - DuraSpace
  • Erin Tripp - DuraSpace


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Or iPhone one-tap :
US: +16468769923,,9963190968# or +16699006833,,9963190968#
Or Telephone:
Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):
US: +1 646 876 9923 or +1 669 900 6833
Meeting ID: 996 319 0968
International numbers available:



Leaders presentation

Each Leader will have 1 minute to introduce themselves and their interests as they relate to DSpace



Each Leader will list a max of 3 priorities/goals that they envision for the DSpace Project for this coming year. Please add your priorities to the Google Doc prior to the meeting:


Chair of Leadership Group

A Leader should be elected to serve as the Leadership Group Chair. The main responsibility of the Chair is to coordinate Leadership calls, activities, and actions items, with the support of the DuraSpace team. Discussion on logisticsMic/All

Steering Group nomination process

Responsibilities; how to bring candidacy forward; schedulingMic/All
510'Monthly virtual meeting Based on Leaders’ availability, identify the schedule of the monthly callAll


The (star) represents who will be taking notes for a given meeting. It rotates after each meeting to the next person in the attendee list.

1) Leaders presentation

Michele welcomed everyone. Each of the Leaders introduced themselves briefly.

Largest DSpace Leadership Group yet, from 10 different countries.

Michele highlighted the new German DSpace Consortium (established with major help from Pascal Becker).  New consortial membership options

2) Priorities

Priorities document:

Previous Steering Group efforts (from Salwa)

  • Data model discussions (Entities Working Group)
  • Expand membership & find more funding/resources

How do working groups get established? How do priorities get decided on?

Leadership can help to set priorities along with Steering (subset of Leaders). Can establish working groups to look into priorities (for example: DSpace 7 working group, Entities working group, etc) and report back to leadership/steering.

Note on ORCID integration. DSpace Entities Working Group aligns with this.  Also a pending agreement with ORCID to create a task force to work on DSpace + ORCID integration.


  • Working on GDPR compliance to ensure DSpace is compliant out-of-the-box
    • Agustina asks how we are not GDPR compliant
      • Logging too much (in statistics)
      • Need to be able to delete EPersons
      • Would recommend establishing a group to investigate this and come up with recommendations.
  • Work more on marketing for DSpace 7. Get more users and members through marketing
  • Focus on roadmap beyond DSpace 7. When we can look towards enhancements like hierarchical data model


  • Priorities more on backend things, as they don't use DSpace interface right now
  • Enhanced Replication Task Suite / Archivematica
  • Workflow engine enhancements
  • Enhanced data model / metadata (not just flat metadata)
  • Parking lot / wishlist: Authority lookup & management. Enhancing self-deposit submission process.


  • Overarching comment. Different levels of needs in this overall list from everyone. Great mix of development needs vs strategic needs, etc.
  • Consulted with tech team & business owners. Not reliant on DSpace as single repo yet.
  • Want more inline players / media playback.  Would like to bring more of this content into DSpace
  • Data model changes (particularly entities). Linkages to RIM system & ORCID
  • Enhancing workflow logging & communication tools. More peer review processes (before ingest processes like blind peer review)
  • Bonus: better statistics to try and compete more against bepress platform


  • Sees the theme of lots of desire to keep focus on DSpace 7
  • ResourceSync integration (DSpace can take leadership role here)
  • bepress migration toolkit. Maybe a working group to look into how to perform these migrations. Collab with service providers to provide hosted solutions.


  • Release / marketing of DSpace 7. Broader support from community – more input, review (not just development).  Weekly development meetings (encourage attendance to provide input)
  • Flexible data model / new DSpace Entities work for DSpace 7. New working group coming
  • Continue support for DSpace 6. v7 is quite different, and will be a big upgrade/migration.  Need to support folks on what they are running


  • DSpace Entities
  • Change configuration (like input forms) at runtime.  Upgrade some old functionalities that haven't been ported to Spring technologies
  • Continue support for DSpace 6.


  • Release / marketing of DSpace 7
  • Entities / ORCID integration
  • Inline viewers for different file types.  See what other providers/software (e.g. Figshare) is providing and adding similar features


  • GDPR important
  • Release of DSpace 7.  Final product should be completed / well built by next year (no major bugs).  Looking forward to it
  • Assessment of Roadmap post DSpace 7 (starting next year).  Need to look for what is next, after DSpace 7 released
  • Work on resources. Find extra development resources


  • Concur with Jyrki
  • More development resources to help expedite DSpace 7 development process. More sprints, etc. How can we ensure more resources
  • Explore ways to increase/enhance DSpace membership. Kudos to Michele for his work.  But, we can do more here to get more funding/resources
  • What other features can be added for better integration, especially digital preservation (e.g. APTrust). 


  • More of a user background (not technical background)
  • Looking for more info on others who've done integrations (like ORCID support).  Looking for awareness of who has done what with DSpace. Who to ask for help/tips
  • Analytics improvements (e.g. like in publisher websites). Users are looking for that sort of information & helps bring users in


  • Likes the idea of investigating migrations from bepress
  • Data model & improving authority control features.
  • Preservation.  DSpace should integrate with other preservation systems (Archivematica)
  • Workflow engine enhancements, especially around peer review


  • Enhance interoperability. Mainly API limitations.  Lack of search capabilities in API layer currently.
  • Workflow engine enhancements.  Manage permissions / access policies easier
  • Data model & metadata enhancements.  No more flat metadata limitations.


  • Didn't mention DSpace 6, but took it for granted.  Support for DSpace 6 should continue
  • Agree with Lieven, Jyrki & Salwa.  Urgency to release DSpace 7 as soon as possible (within 4 months). Already postponed once.  We should release in 4 months with whatever we have ready, and delay any other major features for DSpace 8
  • Marketing campaign for DSpace 7
  • GDPR compliance.  Also looking towards Next Gen Repositories recommendations

Kristi Park

  • bepress migration toolkit - had a request for this recently from one of their members.  We should support folks wanting to move to community infrastructure
  • Complete DSpace 7 is primary priority.  Include changes to support other Entities.  Promotion/marketing (possibly developing a stock presentation/template that leadership group members could use to talk up DSpace 7 at conferences, etc)


  • Complete DSpace 7 is primary priority. Exciting release
  • Important to involve all the community to understand what DSpace 7 is and that they can participate
  • Looking for an easy upgrade/migration path to DSpace 7.  Have found past migrations (v1 - v4) quite easy.  Want to keep this
  • Enhance configuration (GUI console)


  • Inline viewers for different file types. 
  • Analytics improvements
  • Backend interoperability
Michele notes a lot of commonality among these priorities.  With a large leadership group, there's great opportunity to spin off working groups to concentrate on specific priorities and report back to the larger group. It will be useful for newly elected Leaders to have an opportunity to meet and discuss with Leaders who have already been part of the DSpace Governance to share ideas and learn more about what has been done and how.

3) Chair of Leadership Group

Chair will organize Leadership Group (with support from DuraSpace). Organize agenda of meeting. However, activities of Leadership Group should be a shared activity among all members
Leadership will meet once per month. By next month, we should have a Chair.

Starting next Friday (Aug 10) we'll accept nominations.  Should vote & decide by August 17.  Pascal asks to have it delayed until August 20 or so, to allow German Consortium to take part.

Two options: same chair for both Leadership & Steering.  Or two separate chairs to split up the activities more.  Fedora has adopted a model of same chair for both groups, but we can decide how to do for DSpace.

4) Steering Group nomination process

9 people from the Leadership Group should be nominated for Steering.  Steerers are elected for 3 years.  But, ideally, entire Steering group should not change at once.  So, for this first time, we may want to have 3 people elected for 1 year, 3 people elected for 2 years, and 3 people elected for 3 years.  That way 3 people are replaced each year.

Opportunity to have new leadership folks meet with ones who've been on steering/leadership to get feedback on how the governance usually works, etc.

5) Monthly virtual meeting

When to have the monthly meeting.  Friday doesn't seem to work for everyone

Additional discussion around bePress migrations (Erin)
  • Might want to pair with analytics enhancements (as that's a bepress feature)
  • Others are also working on this in other communities. Erin notes that if this is a priority, we can put this group in touch with others.


  • Michele Mennielli will send around a Doodle poll to plan out the meeting.
  • Michele Mennielli to share a document with the Leaders contacts
  • Michele Mennielli will support organizing a call prior to the next meeting where new Leaders without previous experience in the DSpace Governance could meet and discuss with Leaders who have already been part of it.
  • ALL : If you are interested in being Leadership Group Chair, email Michele Menniellior Tim Donohue.
  • ALL : Should we have a Slack channel for Leadership Group (for discussion between meetings)? We would need all Leaders to sign up for our DSpace Slack (see instructions at linked page). 
  • ALL : If you don't yet have a DuraSpace Wiki account, you will need one to take notes, etc.  Email sysadmin at duraspace dot org to ask for a Wiki Account, and we'll get you setup.