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The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.


Date: Tuesday July 3rd

Time: 2.00pm - 3.30PM (BST, GMT/UTC +1)

Location: Kelvin Room at RSE Edinburgh

Host event:

Registration: only formal registration needed for the Repository Fringe itself. If you are attending or have attended this user group, please add your name to the bottom of this page.

Remote attendance - DuraSpace Zoom

If the local connectivity permits it, we will try to make remote attendance possible through the DSpace meeting room on Zoom:

DSpace Meeting Room

This requires a plugin to be installed on your system before you can connect. Please do this in advance if you intend to participate and initially keep your microphone on mute when you join the call.

Google Hangout fallback

In case there are connectivity issues with Zoom, the following Google Hangout will be used as a fallback:


As it stands right now, we are expecting a rather small group of attendees, which should work great for a participative discussion format. We will start the session with introductions, allowing all participants to state where they are from and what their biggest DSpace challenge is in the second half of this year. If there are any common themes, we'll likely pick up on those and discuss these.

Some of the topics that might pop up:

  • Migrating from other software to DSpace
    • Essential vs optional areas of work
  • DSpace upgrades
    • I'm on version XXX right now, to which version should I be upgrading and when???
  • DSpace ORCID integration
    • What's included in the recent DSpace 5.x and 6.x fixes
    • What are the implications of the SOLR-cached DSpace "authorities", representing ORCID information
  • DSpace & GDPR
  • DSpace RIOXX & REF patches
  • The DSpace based Open Repository platform from Atmire
  • DSpace 7 development
  • DSpace statistics
    • DSpace & Google Analytics: what's the most useful to look at today?
  • DuraSpace membership
  • ...


Bram Luyten (Atmire)

James Evans (Atmire)

Elena Menéndez-Alonso (University of Plymouth)

Robin Rice (University of Edinburgh)

John Pinto, remote attendance (University of Edinburgh)

Sarah Molloy (Queen Mary University of London) - remote attendance

Susanna Mornati (4Science)

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  1. Bram Luyten (Atmire) : Just offering it up, in case it's of interest. If you want, you can use the DSpace Meeting Room (Zoom room) for virtual attendance.  I know Google Hangouts has a lower limit to the number of attendees (I don't recall if it is 10 or 15), but our DSpace Zoom room has a 100 attendee limit.

    1. thanks Tim Donohue - as far as I could read, hangouts allows up to 10 people with camera's and 100 people in chat. But I did not do a recent test with more than 10 people. Do you have a link where it states that 10 people is the max? 

      1. I don't have an exact link, as Google is bad about documenting this clearly.  If it's a GSuite Hangout it can have 25 participants, but IIRC default Google Hangouts are different (and we've actually hit this limit in past meetings, which is why DuraSpace purchased Zoom rooms for all projects).

        Here's a Q&A that says the limit is 10, and that you can have other people listen in if it is streamed via YouTube (Hangout on Air), but they won't be able to speak...only ask questions via text chat:!topic/hangouts/vuVoVNDFVeI

        You are welcome to just try Google Hangouts. I was simply offering another option as I know we've hit limits with Google Hangouts in the past (and when you hit the limit, additional attendees will get a "Meeting is Full" message and not be allowed to connect)

        1. thanks Tim Donohue . Ok, let's go with Zoom & I'll just list the google hangout as the fall back option in case Zoom would have availability issues.

          Could you add the required entry to the calendar?

          1. Sure thing. Just added it to the DuraSpace Public Calendar and sent you an invite.  The Zoom room is reserved for you, if you want to use it.

  2. Hi guys, thanks for setting this up. 

    I have had this time open up in my calendar this afternoon so will try and join remotely.