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 from 14:00-15:00 UTC

Location: DSpace Meeting Room




  • General Updates
  • Angular UI Team updates
  • REST API / Java backend Team updates
  • Community Sprints Planning
    • DSpace 7 Community Sprints
    • Art & Andrea will create tickets for the Sprint (see tasks below)
    • Tim will invite attendees to #dev-sprint channel (ask them their interests).  Will also do cleanup/scheduling of meetings (see tasks below)
    • We should also have extra tickets, just in case our Sprint attendee list grows further.  Possible ideas:
  • Open Repositories 2018 (June 4-7) Planning
    • OR2018 Workshops:
      • Angular UI workshop: Tim do a brief update/overview. Art Lowel to manage workshop.
        • Art & Tim will need to decide who will do the basic overview of Angular and how to balance that with the hands-on portion.  We'd like more hands-on time this year, if possible.
      • REST API workshop: Tim do a brief update/overview. Andrea Bollini to manage workshop. Terry also offered to help
    • We have a demo scheduled at OR2018 (Tim has an update talk on Thurs). We want to be able to show off all the recent hard work, especially the Submission/Workflow UI.
      • Ideally, all this code is merged into "master" before OR2018.
      • However, in May, we should look at current status of Submission UI / API code.  We could create a temporary "or2018" branch to manually merge this work just for the OR2018 demo. Then, if needed, work can get merged to master post-OR2018.
  • Next Meeting will be Thurs, May 3 at 14:00UTC in DSpace Meeting Room