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Discussion (combined Angular UI & REST meeting)


Location: DSpace Meeting Room


  • General Updates
  • Angular UI Team updates (via Art)
    • Merged PRs: None merged
    • Christophe is getting up to speed on Angular.  Metadata & Bitstream format registries (with mock backends). Working on REST connection, PR soonish (next week)
      • Also looking at Google Analytics info. PR coming soon.
    • Lotte working on Search UI connection to REST API
      • Some issues with REST API inconsistencies.  
      • A PR to REST Contract coming soon from Tom (in next week)
    • Art working on estimates for Sprint #1
    • Giuseppe working on authentication with Shibboleth. Works with their project.
      • Should he add to the current Authentication PR?
      • Please add in a separate PR for the Shibboleth work
      • Giuseppe will get back to the Authentication PR in this next week and clean up
      • Giuseppe is also going to review the Search functionalities (from Lotte):
    • ACTION (Tim): Schedule demo of 4Science project for ~30 minutes (20 mins demo, 10 mins discussion).
      • Goal is to get the big picture of the work, and decide what to provide back in April.
      • 4Science will provide back work in several PRs in April.
  • REST API updates
    • PRs merged:
    • Changes coming from 4Science
      • Fixes to Search Endpoint will be coming back (demo next week). Comments will be coming back to the Search UI PR (PR #235)
      • Ways to index other objects in Solr (updates to DSpace API)
      • Workflow endpoint implementation
      • Fixes for the workspace item endpoint
  • Sprint Planning
    • DSpace 7 Community Sprints
      • Goal is to have this finalized in time for the DuraSpace Summit meeting (April 10-11), so it can be advertised there.
    • Combine the Browse Withdrawn / Private items into a single Administrative Search interface with facets for withdrawn/private items
      • Search doesn't have a "starts with" feature (only Browse has this). Do we need it for search as well for these Admin Search interfaces?   Right now, we'll assume we can do without it...can create it later if needed.
    • Any other features we can add into Sprint #1?
    • Andrea also notes that "Supervised Items" feature is unclear.  Not sure if it's used widely or not.  Flagged as needing DCAT feedback (in spreadsheet). We'll bring this to DCAT.
    • Sprint #1 tasks seem to be coalescing around (1) polishing up missing Browse features, and (2) creating Administrative search features.   
      • If any other tasks are found that fall into those buckets, we can consider also adding to Sprint
      • Ideally we have extra tasks in Sprint #1 (we don't know how many signups we'll get).  Anything not completed in Sprint #1 can roll over into a Sprint #2
    • ACTION: Tim will update the Community Sprint page.  Break out the Sprint #1 into a separate wiki page, and update the goals per today's discussion.
    • ACTION: Art and Andrea should update estimates of effort for tasks listed for Community Sprint.  We also should create tickets per each task.
      • Andrea noted this work will likely be in first week of April.
  • Next Meeting will be Thurs, March 29 at 14:00UTC in DSpace Meeting Room