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Discussion (combined Angular UI & REST meeting)


Location: DSpace Meeting Room


  • REST API Updates
    • PRs in need of review
    • Some PRs need fixing according to Code Style
    • Discussion of how to get Community Sprints started (Lieven). General idea is...
      • Draft of a framework at DSpace 7 Community Sprints
      • Looking good overall, a few comments
        • Regarding proposed dates, later is probably better. Want time to advertise and get on calendars
        • Documentation on getting up-to-speed needs more details about getting up to speed on REST API
      • Question: Do we need to implement Browse Alphabetically prior to the Sprint? It seems to be required by "Browse Withdrawn Items" & Browse Private Items
      • Could we have coaches available for those new to sprint?
        • Goal is to get new developers signed up for the sprint. They will likely need a fair amount of early help / support. Having a coach to contact would be useful
        • Seems like a good idea
      • ACTION: Art and Andrea should start to estimate effort of tasks listed for Community Sprint.
  • Next Meeting will be Thurs, March 22 at 14:00UTC in DSpace Meeting Room