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(Carol, rec)

What did you hear?

  • Sustainability planning and progress; compelling to other interested parties; new and existing participants in projects; longer term plan and strategy
  • Switch to sponsorship and membership is a good idea; ongoing commitment
  • Membership model outreach should be tied to the rapid growth in last couple of years
  • DuraSpace as a 3-legged stool going forward is a strong position
  • Migrating to Fedora 4; our staff that has worked on it has gotten a lot out of doing that, UNC,
  • Enhances long-term loyalty

What inspired you?

  • Fedora 4 is well-organized and a good example for how DSpace could organize as well
  • Fedora/VIVO connection was interesting
  • "DuraSpace shops" what advantages could that provide; common language, standards, and knowledge base--linkages between products for institutions using more than one of them; more institutions might buy in if they were using more than one product
  • Are there linkages or liaisons between projects? Governance first step?
  • It was mentioned that one institution did not have the skills to implement VIVO--but are interested as a Fedora shop--how can we leverage platforms?

What's missing?

  • More DuraCloud information
  • --More info and discussion about Accepting audio and video deposits and do streaming
  • --audio and video is a good place to start--need some comment from DuraSpace about how to go about this
  • Where we see grant opportunities and what if institutions want to engage with DuraSpace to apply for grants
  • --a statement from DuraSpace about grant opps would be helpful
  • --We are all facing big issues where we could collaborate
  • --Structure where DuraSpace can be responsive
  • Developers have a system to track fixes--a version for non-developers that would allow for eyeballs on here are the latest trends at our institution and how can we begin to solve them


  • More clarification and details on governance model
  • How does it all fit together--DuraSpace projects and services--in the research and scholarship landscape?
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