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DuraSpace is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that is the result of joining Fedora Commons and DSpace, two not-for-profits established to sustain their open source repository software. The two organizations combined forces to pursue a common mission and to expand their offerings into cloud computing and scholarly/scientific "cyberinfrastructure" for universities, libraries and research institutions, archives, museums, NGOs, and more.

DuraSpace is committed to providing technologies and services that help ensure that our digital heritage is accessible over the long term. Accordingly, the DuraSpace technology portfolio inherently addresses the issue of durability of digital content. Durability is not only essential for high integrity access to digital information, but it is also a necessary pre-requisite to the process of digital preservation as expressed in the DuraSpace organizational byline, "Open technologies for durable digital content."

This area of the wiki is for general DuraSpace projects and notes.

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