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Contributor License Agreements

DuraSpace desires that all contributors of ideas, code, or documentation to DuraSpace projects submit a completed and signed individual Contributor License Agreement (CLA). This agreement clearly defines the terms under which intellectual property has been contributed to DuraSpace. This agreement will help us defend the project if there is a legal dispute regarding the software in the future. A signed CLA is required to be on file before an individual may commit to a DuraSpace project.

Download DuraSpace CLA:

In the case of an organization, such as a corporation or academic institution, that has assigned employees to work on a DuraSpace project, a Corporate Contributor License Agreement (CCLA) is available. This agreement may be used to contribute intellectual property that may be assigned as part of an employment agreement. However, a CCLA does not remove the need for every developer to sign their own CLA as an individual, to cover any of their contributions that are not owned by the organization signing the CCLA.

Download DuraSpace CCLA:

Submit completed CLAs to:



Committer/ContributorInstitutioniCLA on filecCLA on file
Benjamin ArmintorColumbia(tick)(error)
Frank AssegFIZ/Independent(tick)(tick)
Chris BeerStanford(tick)(tick)
Mike DurbinUVa(tick)(tick)
Scott PraterU Wisc(tick)(error)
Adam SorokaUVa(tick)(tick)
Osman DinYale(tick)(error)
Eric JamesYale(tick)(error)
Kevin ClarkeUCLA(tick)(error)
Nigel BanksDiscovery Garden Inc.(tick)(tick)
Esmé CowlesUCSD(tick)(tick)
Longshou SituUCSD(tick)(tick)
Mohamed Mohideen Abdul RasheedUMd(tick)(error)
Jared WhikloUManitoba(tick)(tick)
Jonathan RobyUManitoba(tick)(tick)
Aaron CoburnAmherst College(tick)(error)
Peter EichmanUMd(tick)(error)
Ralf ClaussnitzerSaxon State(tick)(tick)
Nick RuestYork University(tick)(tick)
Kevin Glovern/a(tick)n/a
Alex DolskiUniversity of Illinois(tick)(error)
Daniel LambIslandora Foundation(tick)(tick)
James R. Griffin IIILafayette College(tick)(tick)
Priya ManalilDigital Library/Munich Digitization Centre(tick)(error)
Bethany SeegerAmherst College(tick)(error)
Philip Redmonn/a(tick)n/a
Miroslav SimekUCT Prague(tick)(error)
George UshakovUniversity of Lausanne(tick)n/a
Aaron ElkissUniversity of Michigan(tick)(tick)
Colin GrossUniversity of Michigan(error)(tick)
Aaron BirklandJohns Hopkins University(tick)(error)
Justin SimpsonArtefactual Systems Inc(tick)(error)
Daniel Bernsteinn/a(tick)n/a
Noah BotimerUniversity of Michigan(tick)(tick)
Kevin FordArt Institute of Chicago(tick)(tick)
Adam WeadPenn State(tick)(tick)
Kieran EtiennePenn State(tick)(tick)
Hillel Arnoldn/a(tick)n/a
Ben CailBrown University(tick)(error)
Yinlin ChenVirginia Tech(tick)(error)
Charles MckaySan Diego Super Computing(tick)(error)
Jorge AbregoImagine Believe Realize LLC(tick)(tick)
Fernando CardozaImagine Believe Realize LLC(tick)(tick)
Collin BrittleEmory University(tick)(tick)
Randall FloydIndiana University(tick)(tick)
Ben PennellUNC(tick)(tick)
James CreelTexas A&M(tick)(error)

Pascal Ernster

Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB)(tick)(error)
Dan FieldNational Library of Wales(tick)(error)
Richard David WilliamsNational Library of Wales(tick)(error)
Jenny A'BrookNational Library of Wales(tick)(error)
Michal DulinskiNational Library of Wales(tick)(error)
Remigiusz MalessaNational Library of Wales(tick)(error)
Peter WincklesUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison(tick)(error)
institutionSaxon Staten/a(tick)
institutionDuke Universityn/a(tick)
institutionKeep Solutionsn/a(tick)
institutionDigital Library/Munich Digitization Centren/a(error)
institutionLafayette College Librariersn/a(tick)
institutionUCT Praguen/a(error)
institutionUniversity of Lausannen/a(error)
institutionUniversity of Michigann/a(tick)
institutionUniversity of Oklahoman/a(tick)
institutionJohns Hopkins Universityn/a(error)
institutionArtefactual Systems Incn/a(error)
institutionArt Institute of Chicagon/a(tick)
institutionPenn Staten/a(tick)
institutionBrown Universityn/a(error)
institutionIslandora Foundationn/a(tick)
institutionVirginia Techn/a(error)
institutionYork Universityn/a(tick)
institutionSan Diego Super Computingn/a(error)
institutionImagine Believe Realize LLCn/a(tick)
institutionEmory Universityn/a(tick)
institutionIndiana Universityn/a(tick)
institutionNational Library of Walesn/a(error)
institutionUniversity of Wisconsin, Madisonn/a(error)


Committer/ContributorCLA on file


Committer/ContributorInstitutionCLA on filecCLA on file
Bill BrananDuraSpace(tick)
Daniel BernsteinDuraSpace(tick)
Andrew WoodsDuraSpace(error)
Erik PaulssonDuraSpace(tick)
Gad KrumholzTDL(tick)(tick)
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  1. As a heads-up, any revisions to either the individual or corporate CLAs should be made against the redline (Microsoft Word) version with changes tracked. The PDF version should be generated from the corresponding redline, to ensure that there's no mismatch introduced.