Exporting Documentation from Wiki

How to Generate PDF from a Space (using built in Confluence Tools)

  • Go to "Space Tools" → "Content Tools"
  • "Export" tab
  • Select export to PDF, click Next
  • Select Custom Export & "Include Page Numbers"
    • Deselect the root page ("DSpace 7.x Documentation").  But select all other pages
  • To change the Title page or header/footer, use the "Editing the PDF Stylesheet" tools in Confluence
    • Space Tools → Look And Feel
    • PDF Layout and PDF Stylesheet tabs

How to Generate PDF version of Documentation (using Scroll PDF Exporter Plugin)

To generate the PDF document, we currently use the Scroll PDF Exporter plugin for Confluence.

  • Select " ... -> Export to PDF" on the Documentation homepage, e.g. DSpace 7.x Documentation
  • Select Template: "Documentation", Export Scope "This page and its children"
  • Click "Show Details"
  • Modify "PDF Metadata"
    • Title: "DSpace 7.x Documentation"
    • Author: "DSpace Developer Team"
  • Other default settings should be fine, but feel free to double check them.
  • Click "Export" button
  • Wait for 5-10 minutes while the PDF is generated. Give it a quick look through for formatting errors (larger errors may be highlighted in RED automatically by the Scroll PDF Exporter plugin, which generated this PDF)
  • Once complete, rename to "DSpace-Manual.pdf" and upload to the Release in GitHub: https://github.com/DSpace/DSpace/releases
  • Also add as a download link on the Documentation Homepage.
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