This article describes the low-tech shared assets (documents, forms, email lists, etc.) of the ARK Alliance (ARKA). It also describes procedures for onboarding ARKA working group participants (offboarding is not described, but can be inferred by reversing the steps). For concreteness, the examples below use the ARKA Advisory Group as the working group in question.


  1. “Sam” is the name of the prospective (or former) participant.
  2. You are a person with admin privileges on the online sites and services in question.
    1. In most cases, you are a chair (or vice-chair) with “admin” (perhaps “owner”) status account on the site or service, meaning that, in addition to creating and modifying content, you have the ability to create and delete accounts for other members, and to promote some of them to “admin” status. Chairs can propagate these privileges to successor chairs. Applies to, google groups, google forms, the github organization account.
    2. Some service accounts cannot propagate privileges, so chairs have to share passwords and new chairs have to change them when previous chairs step down. Applies to mailchimp, twitter, and youtube.

Online sites and services that are for direct use by the ARKA Working Groups (WGs) and the Advisory Group (AG) include

  • – group support: agendas, meeting notes, working documents, …
  • emailed meeting invites – using your own system; eg, Outlook, Google, Apple, …
  • google group – email list for each group, public archives except for NAAN group

In the purview of the Outreach WG are oOnline sites and services for ARKA user outreach and promotion. These include

Goal: enable Sam to create and edit pages on the Confluence wiki at in support of the working group.
Privileges: use your own wiki account; each working group chair and vice-chair confers admin privileges to the next generation.


  1. If Sam doesn’t yet have credentials on this wiki, establish credentials (an account) by emailing and CCing Sam. 
  2. Sam should receive an email with instructions to create a wiki account.
  3. Once Sam completes them, you login to the wiki with your own credentials. 
  4. In the space “ARKs in the Open”, go to the sidebar and select Space Tools > Permissions.
  5. Add the Sam’s account to the list of users and then check off the appropriate permissions similar to the others.
  6. Sam should now have privileges for all working groups in the space. For more advanced issues, email
  7. Edit the group homepage,, and add Sam and Sam’s affiliation to the list of group members.

The wiki continues to host the user-facing (not purely group support) FAQs in English, French, and Spanish.

Emailed meeting invites

Goal: add Sam to a working group’s meeting series. 

I don’t know a way to do this using a group list, so it seems to come down to adding individuals to a meeting invite (invitation) that you manage via something like Outlook, Google Calendar, etc. A teleconferencing link (eg, zoom) is usually considered part of your organization’s contribution to ARKA. A typical standing meeting contains a description and relevant links to agendas and teleconference connection information, and looks something like this. 

Meeting name: ARKA Advisory Group

Meeting location:

Meeting description:

ARK Alliance Advisory Group Meeting

Scheduled every second Thursday of the month at 08:00 California time

Agenda and Notes will be linked from the bottom of the [link: ARKA AG home page].

       Other Documents:  [link: ARKA Internal, eg, private Googledocs]

Connection URL:    [link:]

Or one-tap mobile

    +16699006833,,654748973#    US (San Jose)

    +16468769923,,654748973#    US (New York)

For higher quality, dial by your location

    +1 669 900 6833 US Toll (San Jose)

    +1 646 876 9923 US Toll (New York)

    International numbers available: [link:]

Meeting ID: 987 654 321

Google email groups

Goal: add Sam to the google email group used to contact the entire group. Be aware that all group archives are publicly readable except for the NAAN group. 
Privileges: use your own google account; each working group chair and vice-chair confers admin privileges to the next generation.


  1. Visit (for example)
  2. From the sidebar, select People > Members, then “Add members”.
  3. Enter Sam’s email address, toggle “Directly add members” with no invitation message (they're expecting it, and you’re busy and don’t want to have to remind them to accept it if they didn’t see the invitation), and “Send invites”.
  4. Make sure you have invited Sam to the calendared meeting (above).
  5. Make sure you have added Sam to the working group home page.
  6. Finally, add Sam to the ARKA "union" list which spans all the ARKA groups; visit and perform steps 2 and 3 above for the union group list.

Website admin access (

Goal: enable Sam to edit content on the official ARKA website (
Privileges: use your own account; each working group chair and vice-chair confers admin privileges to the next generation.

This is currently a Wordpress site hosted by Dreamhost, although we hope to convert it to a github Pages site. Generally edit access isn't needed unless Sam is creating or editing a blog post or a document, so adding Sam can usually wait until the need arises.


  1. Login to as user; this email address is also where site “contact us” feedback is sent (it gets a fair amount of spam, despite the anti-spam filtering in place).
  2. From the sidebar, select Users. 
  3. Press “Add New” and enter information for Sam.
  4. (optional) To add a guest blogger with no other privileges, from the sidebar, select Authors (under Posts), and “Add New” (this uses a plugin).

Email forums

Goal: connect Sam to the main ARKs forums in English and French. Consider asking another member with admin privileges to grant you admin privileges on one or both of these lists.
Privileges: use your own google or framalistes account; each working group chair and vice-chair confers admin privileges to the next generation.


  1. If not already subscribed, Sam should visit to subscribe to the main ARKs forum.
  2. (optional) Sam may wish to visit to subscribe to the French ARKs forum.

Google forms (NAAN request, Expression of Interest)

Goal: allow the general public to submit a NAAN request that will be processed by the NAAN Registry working group.
Privileges: use your own google account; each working group chair and vice-chair confers admin privileges to the next generation.

The request form is a google form owned by and is jointly managed by “editors”. Similarly there is also an Expression of Interest form at

Mailchimp admin access (newsletter)

Goal: allow working group participants to manage the process by which an ARKA newsletter is generated.
Privileges: login as

People subscribe to the newsletter via links on the site. Currently, the newsletter goes out on the 4th of the month, but only if there were new blog entries posted since the previous newsletter went out.

The schedule can be tweaked or paused. To do so login to as, select “Campaigns” from the sidebar, and follow the guided steps. Usually the first step to validate the RSS feed seems to fail, but you can ignore that. Make no changes to any of the steps (unless you know what you’re doing) and make sure to restart the campaign as the last step. /, mastodon, and

Privileges: login as @arks_org for twitter and for youtube.

The ARKA X / twitter user/handle @arks_org is used for tweeting. An automatic tweet is triggered by mailchimp if an ARKA newsletter goes out.

The ARKA mastodon user/handle @arks_org is used to toot whatever is tweeted.

A youtube channel at is set aside for ARKA-related content such as tutorials and webinars. The associated user is


Privileges: login with your own github account; working group chairs confer admin privileges to the next generation.

The official ARKA github repo is This is envisioned to be the home of the NAAN registry, the ARK specification, the resolver code, and possibly the content (replacing the Wordpress site). New users are invited by an existing user.


Shared logins and passwords are stored with under the “ARKAadmin” team. Currently this is shared among a small number of group chairs. You will need to create a Keybase account and be invited onto that team by a current member in order to get access.

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