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  • older action items, recruiting, institutional categories

Discussion items



  • rollout announcements: every announcement followed by new newsletter subscriptions
  • ARKS at IIIF Conference
    • Full session: Association of IIIF and ARK Protocols for Efficient Identification and Organization of Data. Examples of Implementation in the Archives Sector with Pleade. Modou DIA and Jean-Luc ARVERS
    • Lightning talk: "Implementing Presentation v3 in a Jiiify" by Kevin S. Clarke and Mark Matney (UCLA) Mentioned "MinterFactory", which generates unique IDs for manifests. Did anyone else see this and did they specify ARKs?

TS: at IIIF, glad to see lots of people talking about persistence in different ways, eg, remote and local; one group doing end user assessment in DHumanities strongly requires local copies of files; maybe one way to reach them is via "personal digital archiving"
TS: might be worth following up with IIIF talks from Modou DIA (Pleade platform) and MinterFactory; and btw both of them pointed people to N2T (instead of for ARK info
ACTION: review N2T to link it more strongly; especially the page
JK: IIIF Archives Community Group chairs stepping down
TS: group was supposed to take off the way the IIIF Museums CG took off,
    but didn't; Getty and Holocaust Museum did some work on that

upcoming meetings, calls for papers, submission deadlines

  • New upcoming meeting page is in the Outreach WG space - based on Fedora calendar. We can look at this regularly for opportunities for presentations.
  • Call for iPRES lightning talks is open through July 31.

TS: strongly recommend we do a lightning talk to iPres
ACTION: John to propose a proposal, eg, "tech spec changes" (Roxana's topic); Tracy happy to co-present
MG: given conference fatigue, a lightning talk could be just as effective as a longer paper

They were listing for ARK info instead of

duty roster of folks from all working groups to deal with contact form and email

  • eg, June 22, "Hi, i am interested in using ARK identifiers, I will apply for a NAAN code. I wanted to know how I can use N2T as a resolver once I have my NAAN. Are there any costs to pay for the resolver service?"
  • one WG member is retiring; do we have enough people for Outreach?

TS: For support questions, is there a way to engage the ARKs forum in the answers; hard to see a duty roster working for Outreach
JK: the June 22 example feeds into the basic question, which is in the FAQ category
TS: people who are building local minters and resolvers could answer some of the harder tech questions -- can we recruit some of them to join a working group?
ACTION: ask Tech WG about tech respondents to general tech inquiries
MG: summer may not be the best time to recruit, but could work to send recruitment drive message to Outreach and ARKs-forum
TS: has there ever been a meeting of all the groups? sometimes it's fuzzy what our group is "reaching out" about; it would help to learn what the other groups are doing at an "all hands" meeting

institutional categories

  • retrospective - Chloé's analysis
  • prospective - should we add a category (eg, with pick list) to new request form?
  • need to add "update NAAN" capability
  • categorization of institutions 

- Architecture

- Archives

- Association (only one)

- Bank (only one)

- Construction (only one)

- Publication

- Education : all organizations which have pedagogical content and which are not university

- Government agency

- IT : organisations that offer services related to new technologies and software

- Law (only one)

- Library

- Media : journalism, TV, press agencies ...

- Museum

- Music : only 3, maybe we can put it in others categories

- Research : all institutes, laboratories and foundations that are not universities

- University

JK: interested in saving this work for later consideration on how to take advantage of it

ACTION: TS to work on simplifying the list

TS: how to do branding; some people want branding
MG: why? can it be solved by education rather than branding change?
JK: frequently asked question, with two-part answer

Action items