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Possible new "category" question, report on map automation, status of recent curation activity, update NAAN

Discussion items


MG: I'm worried about July duty; can I take August instead?
BM: I can take July for you

upcoming meetings, calls for papers, submission deadlines

institutional categories

  • retrospective - Chloé's analysis
  • prospective - should we add a category (eg, with pick list) to new request form?
  • need to add "update NAAN" capability
  • categorization of institutions 

- Architecture

- Archives

- Association (only one)

- Bank (only one)

- Construction (only one)

- Publication

- Education : all organizations which have pedagogical content and which are not university

- Government agency

- IT : organisations that offer services related to new technologies and software

- Law (only one)

- Library

- Media : journalism, TV, press agencies ...

- Museum

- Music : only 3, maybe we can put it in others categories

- Research : all institutes, laboratories and foundations that are not universities

- University

Chloé / John

AC: maybe the institutional type should be more standard, eg, economic activities as listed in the NACE statistical classification of economic activities in the EU, or the UN equivalent

There's also the Standard Industrial Classification and North American Industry Classification System

BC: in favor of categorization; I'm wondering whether the list encompasses projects and publications
MG: what is the goal; maybe we should just put this in the "parking lot of ideas" to think about since we don't have a burning need to take action on this
JK: but there's also an "opportunity cost" if we don't act since the work that Chloé has done on the legacy will lose its value if we wait so long that it has to be redone
CP: I'm willing to continue on WG past internship
AC: adding categories has implications for the Outreach WG and general outreach that my org is thinking for supporting French users
ACTION: ask Outreach WG for feedback on institutional type field

map automation report

Chloé / John

CP: I used the Leaflet service to convert postal address to lat/lon coordinates; OpenStreetMap is used to display a point on the global map; hovering over a point shows any/all fields you want
Leaflet an open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps

JK: another opportunity cost, since Chloe's changed many addresses by hand
BC: map is promising
BM: could be useful decreasing workload; I like that it's using open source and open data

recent curation issues

  • adding an update function to new request form
  • change of NAAN policy

  • rejections

  • Group is ok with adding an update function to the "new" naan request form.
  • BC: re. NAAN change, there was a similar (and worse case) with the Catalog Collectif de France (CCFr), which just made up their own NAANs, which they were discouraged from doing
    ACTION: see if CCFr did indeed stop using their own NAANs
    ACTION: draft a policy statement in response to "we would like a different NAAN"

  • MG, BC: ok with the rejection of two recent requests: one from an individual, one test/spurious

Action items

  • John Kunze Bertrand Caron see if CCFr did indeed stop using their own NAANs
  • John Kunze draft a policy statement in response to "we would like a different NAAN"
  • John Kunze ask Outreach WG for feedback on institutional type field