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  • finalize duty roster and checklist

Discussion items



upcoming meetings, calls for papers, submission deadlines

Julien Raemy: We are now accepting proposals for the 2021 International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) Annual Conference, taking place June 22-24 online. The due date for submissions is April 2nd. Further details regarding submissions, including requirements, resources for finding collaborators, and a submission form, can be found on our site: 

Reconsider meeting regularly on non-Mondays due to coincidence with many holidays

Missing some key WG members

ACTION: doodle poll for non-Monday time and avoiding Tuesdays 9am California

Curator form update

JK: still a work in progress, now incorporates 2 form pages with better errors/warnings, correctable NAAN entry on 2nd page, plus hookup to validation script
JK: comments welcome as it is further refined

Renamed github repo to naan_reg_priv

  • due to frequent cloning, dropped some heavy archival stuff
  • also dropped workflow code
  • need to add more committers (so far Maria, Bertrand)

ACTION: JK to add more committer/collaborators to repo

Duty roster checklist needs to be created

  • start by copying to ?
  • ACTION: John Kunze to take a first pass at updating
  • Curators to add and correct in course of getting experience
  • Bertrand as first curator

ACTION: copy README file to new checklist file, JK to make a first pass with respect to the new curator form

All curators will contribute corrections and additions as they gain experience

ACTION: AC and PC to cover temporarily for BC April 19-25

Sources of NAANs other than unused 5-digit numbers?

s<ISSN> (ISSN=8 digits) eg, ark:/s12345678/...

? what about ROR? r<ROR> ? (ROR=9 chars) eg, ark:/r03yrm5c26/...

BC: was there an increase in NAAN requests during the recent rollout announcments?
JK: I don't know yet
AC: I will assume a new chief data officer role for french archives, with some analysis responsibilities
ACTION: AC and PC to try to generate plot of number of requests per week from, say 2018 to present

Action items

  • John Kunze doodle poll for new regular meeting time
  • John Kunze wiki credentials for Stéphane and Chloé
  • John Kunze invite more committers to github repo
  • John Kunze copy README to checklist and do first pass at updates
  • aurélien conraux cover for BC during week of April 19-25
  • aurélien conraux work on generating plot of number of requests per week from 2018 to present, based on NAAN registry