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  • rollout announcements; visibility in PID guides; wikipedia revisited

Discussion items



upcoming meetings, calls for papers, submission deadlines

  1. Is it a good idea to have this submission form for anyone to suggest a blog post or news item for an upcoming ARKA newsletter?
  2. Consider presenting at the PASIG (Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group) in September. The call is not out, but informally I'm told they'll be interested in ARKA topics.
  3. RDA: Looks like request for papers is closed for RDA 17 (April 20-22), though posters is still open:

The next RDA plenary 18 is November 8-11, but there's no CfP yet.

4. iPRES 2021, Beijing - Oct 19-22. Call for papers

John Kunze  set up is a Google Form to submit news items for the ARKA newsletter. Any thoughts on this? How does it work within the IIIF community?

Julien Antoine Raemy: basically, the form wasn't really used at the beginning but now it is. It used to be four newsletters per year, but now it's about one IIIF newsletter per month. 

Perhaps, we should maintain a community calendar. DLF does that to some extent (

iPRES 2021 CfP - Deadlines: March 30 (peer-reviewed papers) and June 15 (lightning talks). Contributions do not seem to be done via a tool like easychair.

Roxana Maurer : it'd be a good idea to present the new specification in  "easy terms" (through a contribution) during iPRES and other venues.

progress on sending out rollout announcement is slow

  • sign ups are sparse – are WG members not using these lists? are they using other lists?
  • are there other announcement channels we should use
  • should we tweet again, or every so often
  • who is "we"? WG members? the arks_org twitter account?
  • do we have an announcement template to start with? (TS)

We had quite a nice momentum at CNI and PIDapalooza 2021. It would be great to keep the flame burning. 

John Kunze Where should we put our efforts to announce ARKA? 

We don't have a template, but we could reuse the Announcing the ARK Alliance blog post

Maria Gould Is there any other information (call of actions) that we want to convey to mailing lists/other groups or initiatives? Some messages must also be differentiated to avoid confusion (for example if ARKA is announced on the EZID listserv). It's great to keep the word out but it'd be helpful to have a conversation on who we are and how we could do better outreach. Also, we could do some other offerings (webinars on ARKs). 

Roxana Maurer How to announce to people/communities who don't know anything about ARKs? 

PID guides from which ARK is missing

from PIDapalooza talk: How to get heritage organisations to start using PIDs: a tale of two countries, about two national PID projects:

o   Next step: write a guide to help with choosing persistent identifiers (until October 2021)

o   Contact person: Frances Madden (British Library), Research Identifiers Lead & overseeing the BL's contribution to the FREYA project

o   they wrote documentation & a guide for helping institutions choose a PID

o   ARK is not among the options

o   Contact person: Remco van Veenendaal (National Archives of the Netherlands), Project Manager Persistent Identifier project

It might be a good idea for the Outreach group to get involved and contact the people involved in the 2 projects, so that ARK gets included in the list of possible options for PID. If people don’t hear about it, they’re never going to choose it.

Furthermore, they also mentioned a European project that also had as a delivery a guide for choosing PIDs: FREYA Project (Connected Open Identifiers for Discovery, Access and Use of Research Resources) - Guides to Choosing Persistent Identifiers - Version 3 (July 2020), where, once again, ARK is not among the options. Even though the project seems to be finished, someone from the Outreach group could still inquire whether a new version of the guide is possible and try to include ARK in the list.

More targeted outreach is needed - i.e. communicating with vendors. 

Roxana Maurer that is based on her recommendations that ARKs could be implemented at the BnL. We also need to target some key people within organisations. 

Tracy Seneca It could be very useful to include a PID-related workshop to the SAA curriculum (

Roxana Maurer The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) will launch a training on access in spring. Roxana will check if PID and ARK can be included.  

Maria Gould Not all suggestions could be added to the FREYA Guide. Also, this project is done.

Needed: a group of "editors" to solicit, refine, enter text for, and (sometimes) author short pieces and announcements for the ARKA blog. Target frequency TBD – six times a year?
Rotating position to help in the publication of newsletters. We will discuss that in detail next time.

ARK Wikipedia page revisited

No time for this.

Action items

  • John Kunze To contact Frances Madden.
  • John Kunze Add link to blog submission form to blog page.
  • Roxana Maurer Will ask DPC about listing ARKs in their handbook.
  • Tracy Seneca To have a look at how contributions will be handled for iPRES 2021.
  • Roxana Maurer to write a small section/piece about ARKs and transition to new spec and send it to John Kunze 

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  1. Well, about FREYA, I really don't know what should be done. I remember talking to them at PIDapalooza 2020 and suggesting them to add ARK in their third version. I even submitted that idea on paper (they had a suggestion box).